My life is amazing. I’m beyond grateful for all of my blessings and want to embrace, enjoy and remember them forever. One way I decided to do this was to create short monthly videos of our family. I thought of this idea in April and this weekend completed our Year 1 video.

Our lives changed SO much in 9 months. Although Danny always felt these videos were for our future children, we were not thinking about having babies in April (we decided that in May). Nevertheless, they are a bit of us as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ but I love them because they are Carrie and Danny. My monthly recaps are job centered (and man has my job situation been a roller coaster this year!) and Danny’s are about everything from the weather and sports to reminders to Lucas to buy him presents.

I love capturing these bits of our life and I can’t wait to see how we grow and change in the years to come.


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