10 year old me never would have imagined Prince Harry would marry a mixed American! What I could have accomplished with that kind of hope… alas. 30 year old me is a wee bit cynical about the whole thing (proud of Meghan but protective of the Royal family); nevertheless, I’m still planning a wedding watch party with my ladies. Other things I’ve been up to (when not working or with Lucas – so rarely doing).

Watched the Punisher and man, MARVEL amazes me. You’d think a show about countless murders would get stale after 13 episodes but each one leaves you in suspense.

Reading Tom Hanks’ Uncommon Type. It’s one of three Book of the Month titles I hope to finish before the new year.

Going to the gym with Danny for the first time in two years! I’m starting slow, my goal is simply two days a week.

Eating delicious boxed desserts from Trader Joe’s (counter intuitive to the other accomplishment), I recommend the marshmallow sweet potato pie and the pecan shortbread bars.

Excited for our third annual family video! It’s my favorite thing.

Planning to experience all the fun of Winter in Detroit.

Reflecting on life and trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. Suggestions welcome.

3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Carrie, It seems like you are “doing” quite a lot already. Maybe some “being” is what is called for. Relax, enjoy Danny and Lucas (and your friends), enjoy winter in Detroit…. (just my thoughts)


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