International Literary Project: Africa Part I

Yes this is still a thing.  I forget that I can only read so much non-fiction before I have to take a break and enjoy some classic literature.  Had I remembered this sooner I could have posted about this months ago.  In the meantime, I halfheartedly attempted but never finished a handful of dull books. … More International Literary Project: Africa Part I

International Literary Project: Australia

It’s unsettling how long it took me to finish Australia.  I thought the 2 months to finish Asia was shameful but this takes the cake.  Part of the problem was holidays.  I didn’t prioritize reading and read a book or two outside of this project. Here’s hoping I complete Africa in a more respectable timeframe. … More International Literary Project: Australia

International Literary Project

I previously mentioned the literary project I’ve started and now for the details.  On our East Coast adventure, Uncle Richard took us to see Monkey: Journey to the West at the Lincoln Center.  It was an incredible, eye-opening experience and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I left feeling culturally richer but also really American.  I … More International Literary Project


Watching The Good Wife. I watched it when it first started but haven’t for years. Boredom, Stockard Channing and Chris Noth got the best of me and I’ve started watching again – I’m satisfied. Also the Pistons – we love basketball. Reading… I waited a month for a couple books to come in from a hold but … More Currently

The Turner House and Little Libraries

A few months back I went to a  Pages’ book reading event for The Turner House. It’s Angela Flournoy’s debut novel and takes place in Detroit. It’s a family story that shares the history of the Turner Family – a large family of thirteen children who came to age at different times in the 20th century and … More The Turner House and Little Libraries