Life in Detroit: Caitlyn Pisarski

Caitlyn tops the list of the coolest people I’ve ever met. She is conscientious, creative, adventurous, compassionate, intelligent and graceful. A Milwaukee native, Caitlyn moved to Detroit for graduate school, where she studied social work at the University of Michigan. She worked on a community project at Creekside Community Development Corporation on Detroit’s east side … More Life in Detroit: Caitlyn Pisarski

Life in Detroit: Emily D’Annunzio Goodman

Emily was the ‘It’ girl of elementary school and I was the polar opposite. The words I’d use to describe my younger self are loud and desperate (I’m happy to say I would no longer use those descriptors). As ‘uncool’ as I was, Emily was always gracious and nice – no Mean Girl story here. … More Life in Detroit: Emily D’Annunzio Goodman

Life in Detroit: Dana Frost

Dana is a Detroit fashion blogger. I found her blog, The Closet Confessional, a couple years ago and am always impressed with her wardrobe choices. I also enjoy seeing which local spot will be the backdrop for her latest fashion shoot. This summer Dana announced that she was starting her own personal styling business and, as I do … More Life in Detroit: Dana Frost

Life in Detroit: Gabriela Santiago-Romero

I’ve mentioned my interest but unfamiliarity with Southwest many times on this blog. Last week’s post inspired me to start learning more and I reached out to my friend Nick, who grew up in the neighborhood. He wasn’t able to meet, but introduced me to Gabriela Santiago-Romero and we met for breakfast at Evie’s Tamales … More Life in Detroit: Gabriela Santiago-Romero

Life in Detroit: Jordan Brett

Detroit has made a lot of progress in the last few years in several areas but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. One area that needs it most is the education system. For years Detroit Public Schools has changed hands between the state and the local school board. The result … More Life in Detroit: Jordan Brett

Life in Detroit: Senator Carl Levin

Carl Levin is a true statesman.  He’s served as an United States Senator for 36 years to advocate (and pass) meaningful legislation, not for accolades.  At public events he shuns self-promotion and focuses on policy.  When a supporter approaches him with a compliment he turns the spotlight on his staff.  His popularity is well-deserved and although … More Life in Detroit: Senator Carl Levin

Life in Detroit: Chris & Emily

The current lore of Detroit includes the story that you can buy a house for a dollar (or close to it).  While the housing prices in the city are significantly below other areas, there is a big difference between buying a house and finding a home. My friends Chris and Emily spent a long time … More Life in Detroit: Chris & Emily

Rashida Tlaib: Life in Detroit

  The first part of my conversation with State Representative Rashida Tlaib focused on her experience as a female political leader.  Part two is about the district she represents.  For those who are unfamiliar with her background, Rashida was born and raised in Detroit.  She comes from a huge family – she is the oldest … More Rashida Tlaib: Life in Detroit