Weekend Update

I had my first Birch Box experience this weekend.  Kat was sweet and shared some of her treats with me at movie night this weekend.  I dove right into the Chuao chocolate and it was delicious.  The best part about it is that it is sugar free!  It was a fun movie night.  We watched … More Weekend Update

Happy New Year!

Danny said he wanted to play BSG everyday during Christmas break and he darn near got his wish.  We played nearly everyday!!!  Then we ended up playing this xBox game Nick introduced us to call Peggle.  I’ve basically spent the past week playing games.   We invited Brett, Lindsey and their girls over to Mom’s … More Happy New Year!

Baby Girl Gwen

Yesterday, Danny and I took to the road to visit Lindsey and Brett’s new baby girl, Gwenyth. She’s a cutie and has that wonderful new baby scent.  I look forward to many late night Saturdays with her. It was the first time either Danny or myself visited a newborn at the hospital and we were … More Baby Girl Gwen


It was a very busy weekend and Saturday afternoon I co-hosted Lindsey’s Sprinkle (aka little baby shower) with Katherine.  Everything went really well and Lindsey walked away pretty well equipped for Baby Gwen.   Katherine is a Pinterest Queen and made this onesie wreath The snacks were simple but I would say beautifully displayed using … More Sprinkle