U.S. Grant

Ulysses Grant was a great man whose accomplishments far exceed most people who have ever lived but his struggles and life experiences match those of most who have ever lived. With the name U.S. Grant it would certainly seem that he was destined to save the Union. Few know that the General and President was … More U.S. Grant

Sam at 3 Month

  Sam is three months old and I can’t believe it! I don’t know where the time goes but I love every minute with him and prior to last night and for a couple hours this weekend it’s been every minute literally. He still reminds me of Lucas a lot but he is his own … More Sam at 3 Month

Fast Four

It’s been awhile for one of these but if you need a good meal, some energy and some laughs these are for you. I stay up late working and like having something on in the background. When Law & Order isn’t on I turn to Netflix, since I need to focus I like comedy because … More Fast Four

Detroit Days: Peck Park & The Cultural Center

After a very long rainy spring, we’re finally getting some sunshine around here and I’m loving it. Unfortunately, our schedule is pretty packed and finding time to explore has been hard – so has leaving the house with two kids but that’s another post (at least hopefully I’ll get to it but we’re still waiting … More Detroit Days: Peck Park & The Cultural Center


Life is a madhouse these days. This picture is from Sam’s baptism (which I plan to blog about soon), I had a breakdown the night before when we got a call from Kroger saying the food was ready for pick up – we were 30 minutes away from home and needed 100 pieces of chicken … More Currently

Sam at 2 Month

Our little Sammysauraus is two months old! Time is going WAY too quickly. He’s my cute cuddlily baby doll and I can’t get enough. He’s just the sweetest, easiest baby in the world. He is super chill and even sleeps for several hours at a time at night. He’s still congested and that stresses me … More Sam at 2 Month