Fast Four

I don’t necessarily have the time to do the things I enjoy but I am forcing it. SO yay for reading, going to the gym AND blogging. I finished Tom Hank’s collection of short stories and determined it’s a big product placement ad for typerwriters. That said, it’s highly convincing and I also determined I … More Fast Four


10 year old me never would have imagined Prince Harry would marry a mixed American! What I could have accomplished with that kind of hope… alas. 30 year old me is a wee bit cynical about the whole thing (proud of Meghan but protective of the Royal family); nevertheless, I’m still planning a wedding watch … More Currently


Friendsgiving is my favorite day of the year. It’s an occasion that kicks off a season of gratitude and allows me to celebrate my favorite people. This year’s event will go down as one of my best days ever. All of my best friends were there and the babies. It’s fun and surreal to watch … More Friendsgiving

Lessons from my 20s

My twenties treated me well. I don’t have a complaint in the world. I spent most of the decade with Danny. I developed a great relationship with Mom and repaired my relationship with B. I’ve had good jobs and met the best people. I have AMAZING friends/family and made great memories.  And Lucas is the … More Lessons from my 20s

Fast Four

Ugh, it’s happening again. – a blogging lull. I hate it because I have many post ideas but no time! I’m at the thick of it at work but I’m hoping that after this big project is completed (send positive vibes) that I can get into a routine that includes blogging and reading again. I … More Fast Four

Year 5

These 5 years have been incredible. I love Danny now more than ever and if I had to do it again today I’d be more enthusiastic and excited than the first time because like fine wine, Danny only gets better with age. That said, marriage isn’t always easy. As previously noted I’ve been in a … More Year 5