Fast Four

Danny got a trial of HBO Go to watch Westworld which is convenient timing because I want to watch both Jane in 5 Acts and Queen of the World special – I just have to find the time. I am living in these jammies these days. Super comfortable and cute. Stephen Colbert shows off his … More Fast Four

Fast Four

I’m ending my break from blogging. When I decided to stop, the events of the world left me feeling frivolous with my extra-curricular activity but since I stopped I discovered something – blogging can feel superficial but it really does help me to be a better person. Recording my actions and activities motivates me to … More Fast Four

Life in America

I live in a Rogue Nation, one that is torturing children, alienating its allies, joining the shallow ranks of Iran, North Korea and Eritrea by withdrawing from the United Nation’s Human Rights Council and so many more unbelievable atrocities. It’s surreal. My everyday life is honestly fine. I feel safe and I’m with the ones … More Life in America

Hungry Harvest

We’re trying to eat healthier around here but like oh so many things it’s hard! Neither of us know anything about gardening or produce so the basic step of picking the right tomato at Kroger can be a challenge. The stress of what meals to make, how to pick the right vegetable and the cost … More Hungry Harvest