31 Day Challenge


So my dear friend Amy set a 30 day #GetYourShitTogetherGray challenge and I’m inspired!

Parenting Lucas is easy but being an adult and parenting is far more difficult than I imagined! I felt like a grown-up at 25  but now my productivity levels are at appallingly low levels and I find myself overwhelmed by responsibility.

It’s sink or swim and I’m giving myself till the end of the year to get back on track.

Since my entire life is in disarray, I can’t pinpoint specific daily objectives for this challenge. Instead I’ll be objective and determine my success rate by the day.

Today’s successes:

  • Waking up at 715a (later than the 645 goal but still before the guys!)
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Taking Lucas to daycare almost on time
  • Dinner night with Mr. B
  • Decorate Living Room for Christmas
  • Burpee Challenge with Danny
  • Read 50 pages in The Hamilton Affair
  • Blog
  • No Starbucks! <– prepping for a our financial challenge…

I won’t clog the blog with these mundane lists but I’ll share via Instagram

Lucas 9 Months

Lucas is such a sweetheart. We are convinced his deliberate objective in life is to make us smile and laugh – and his laugh is the absolute best and he still saves it mostly for us.
He’s so thoughtful that he decided to say ‘Mama’ on Election night because I was inconsolable – I was still inconsolable but what a sweetheart.

We’re also convinced he’s a baby genius. He has two different flip books and the pages don’t always open in the same direction but he knows exactly how they open. He also knows the queues to open the flaps. His hand eye-coordination is great too!

Most impressively is that he knows to go backwards down steps. He’ll crawl at lightening speed but knows where the step is, stops and turns around. He also knows of other dangers/things he should not be doing and carefully checks to see if we’re around before he completes his mission (yes, we’re always around. no, that does not stop him).

Lucas is adventurous. He loves to explore new places and climb stairs. I’m sure I’ll be reporting that he’s walking next month.

He’s also serious and sits with perfect posture at the little kid table to play puzzles.

He will go with new people but needs time to adjust. He’s FINALLY adjusted to daycare and seems to really enjoy it now.

Lucas is a good sleeper if he’s being held, otherwise – good luck! I spent the month trying to get him to sleep independently but it only resulted in sleep deprivation for myself. So Lucas and I cuddle all night and in the mornings he cuddles with Dad. Not AMA approved I know but it works for us.

He’s still our little meatball and hungry man. He doesn’t really care for fruits but likes veggies. Broccoli is his favorite and he loves chicken nuggets!

It’s hard to believe he’s still spent more on the inside than out because I feel like I’ve known this boy forever. I adore you Lucas Mikhail.


Wintertime Fun in Detroit with Stay.com


332b2-dsc_0333As I’m contemplating life and the fate of this blog, I was unexpectedly asked to create a Detroit travel guide by Stay.com. It was a welcome distraction and fun to put together.

Since winter if fast approaching, I put together a seasonal guide of things to do downtown. The downtown scene is constantly changing and a definite perk of its small size is that you can walk from one end to another in 15 minutes and discover dozens of hidden gems in between. Park the car and brave the winter chill or hop on the People Mover to check out these fun activities.

Ice skating at Campus Martius

Coney dog challenge

Enjoy a Pure Evil Latte

Get lost in the Renaissance Center

Indulge in a Paczki bon bon

Go to a show

Experience a “nose to tail” dinner

See the real Detroit

Make it a late night in Greektown



I use the month of November to be thankful. A few years ago we started the tradition of the Thankfulness tree (although altered slightly) and this year it was bigger than ever. Every guest that visits writes what they are thankful for – we get one-word answers or epic poems – and hangs it on the tree. It’s heartwarming to to see an empty branch fill with positive and hopeful messages from the people we love.

Earlier this month we had Friendsgiving; Mr. B and Ed came over on Wednesday;Danny, Cory and B continued their Lions game Thanksgiving Day tradition and we went to our cousins for a perfect holiday gathering; and we had people over on Friday.

Since we did a double header on meals by hosting on Friday, I made a slightly less traditional menu and recommend it – I served roasted chicken instead of turkey and variations of Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and stuffing/dressing that were all well received. I also made my favorite pie to kick off another stretch of sugar free living.

It’s no surprise that what I’m most thankful for this year is Lucas, he’s absolute perfection. I’m thankful for Danny, he’s made me the happy person I am most days and stands by me on the days when I’m not so cheerful. I’m thankful for our house, it’s everything we wanted and only possible because one of my Dad’s last acts was to have insurance for us kids. I’m thankful for my Mom who has been so much help this year with Lucas, I feel for anyone who doesn’t have a grandma within a 5 minute drive. I’m thankful for B who is unbelievably generous and looks out for my family. I’m thankful for my amazing friends and family who are always supportive of my passions and there when I need them. I’m thankful for all the women and men who have fought and sacrificed so that I can live as comfortably as I do and I will do my very best to pay it forward.






Now we go high


I keep searching for the things I want to say and remember about this month but since it feels like a nightmare I don’t want to remember any of it….

I’m numb, empty, literally sick to my stomach. I feel disappointment, anger, and fear. I feel responsible because I donated and volunteered but clearly not enough.

The reality is hard to bear but we’ll find a way. We’ll go high and do the most good because we have to.

It’s the personal relationships that I don’t know that I can bear. This campaign wasn’t politics as usual. The Republicans had over a dozen candidates to chose from – all who felt the same on social issues – and the man selected to represent them proudly promoted xenophobia, racism, bigotry and misogyny. I am grateful to the Republicans who took a stand and refused to endorse this behavior. To those who didn’t, I cannot forget or forgive – your vote is your voice and I heard you.

So it’s with a broken-heart that I’ve had to look at my life post-11/9. It’s clear there is work to be done to inspire non-voters and that is what I will work towards. I will fight and fight hard to give Lucas a better world then the one he’s been born into.

We fly an H flag, not as a protest but a proclamation that we stand by and for the rights of all people to live happy, healthy, safe lives in comfort and with their families. That all men and women were created equal and we will not break at adversity or battles lost. We will be strong and brave like Hillary, put on our pantsuits and keep fighting for the good of the world.

As noted, I’d much rather forget this month but like most horrors it’s hard to do so; therefore, I’ll try and remember that when things looked bleak we did not bend but stood strong together:

Hillary Rodham Clinton continuing to show the world she’s a BAMF

Barack Obama continues to give us hope

Joe Biden helps us laugh

And millions of Americans are coming together to carry on and protect the legacy of HRC and the Obamas

Happy birthday to…me


I get one more go around with in my 20s.

This decade has been amazing and I plan to capstone it well. Since life is never perfect, my 20s have been as perfect as it can get. I found great love, friends, and employment. I built up strong relationships with my family at large and a wonderful little family all for myself. I’ve lived a life that I’m proud of and I have very few regrets.

I hope and pray that I continue to have such great fortune in the years and decades to come.

For now, I’ll take it one day at a time and continue on my never ending quest to live my best life. Right now that’s mostly family life – being a wife and mom. But I want do a few things for myself – improve my health habits, get organized and establish solid routines, experience more (travel, read, listen to new music and give back) and be a better blogger.

To celebrate, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with friends and family.

As for presents I’ll take a presidential election win for Secretary Clinton. #imwithher


Lucas Month 8


Our little meatball has been on the outside for 8 months but it feels like forever – I honestly can’t remember life without him. He’s changed so much in the last month!

Lucas went from barely crawling to ready to walk in a mere 30 days! He crawls all over the place – literally over too, the world is his obstacle course. Not only that, he’s standing and walking along furniture. He is SO proud of his ability to stand up it’s adorable when he shows off.

He enjoys daycare more now which is a huge relief. He doesn’t love it but he likes it more and that makes work days much easier for me.

Sleep… well I’m not sleeping much. Lucas still loves his cradle but hates the playpen. It doesn’t matter how hard he’s sleeping the moment his body touches the mat he rolls on to all fours and becomes a smiling puppy. So I often start the evenings in basement so he sleeps in the cradle and honestly end up holding him between the hours of 1:30 and 6:30 because he eats 3 times and does not want to be let down. This is probably not good long term but for now I’ll continue to give Starbucks all our money so I can cuddle my boy.

When he wakes up in the morning he’s SO happy (not that he isn’t almost always happy), we groggily love on him and distract him with toys so we can half sleep a bit longer.

Lucas is a superstar. He’s still a serious little fella and so well-behaved, everyone comments on how good he is when we go out.

He still loves to read and one of the cutest moments was when he dragged a book over to Grandpa’s feet and climbed up his leg to have him read to him. They are best buds and Lucas loves to play with his glasses (which is not good) and his Notre Dame ring (which is permissible).

Lucas also gets lots of model practice with Grandma, who totally spoils but he’s not letting it go to his head yet.

We discovered Lucas is allergic to eggs which makes me nervous about other foods. He’ll try different things but prefers mums and his mum. He will hilariously flip himself into position when he’s ready to nurse.

While I’m a favorite when he’s hungry or sleep, it’s all about ‘Dada’ the rest of the time. He’ll crawl far and wide to find him (and even attempt the stairs). Danny is his buddy and they have a lot of fun wrestling together (I get some pretty good laughs when I sniff him like a bunny).

He’s not a talker but I’m convinced he’ll say Grandpa before Mama because he’ll make a ‘Grrr’ sound but no ‘Mmm’, consequently, my mom will also miss out even though she’s contributing to the Grand attempt.

Lucas you are simply amazing and so adored.