7/52 + 8/52

When writing is your day job and side gig it can be a challenge keeping up. – especially while watching WW3 play out in real time. A lot has happened the last couple weeks. The big one being I joined an MLM – NEVER saw that coming but the Sseko brand sparked something in me … More 7/52 + 8/52


I keep thinking I’ll remember everything week by week and I never do… but let’s see what I CAN remember. Top of mind is the fact that Nikki’s dad passed away. From the first day we (I was probably 5) met Art and Marilyn they told us to call them Grandpa and Grandma, it took … More 6/52


What a week! The G.O.A.T. retired and I’ll never care about football again. Saturday night Danny and I had a much overdue date night at Parc downtown. I had THE BEST Lobster pasta ever and would eat it daily if that was a reasonable option. My mom kept the boys and we stayed up watching … More 5/52

3/52 + 4/52

Playing catch up already I know but still committed. Quarantine is over and life is busy. 3/52 After two weeks at home it was back to the business of real life. Lucas went to school, Sam to Grandma and I was able to effectively work from home, work out and check some items off the … More 3/52 + 4/52


Like all good soap operas you one story arc crosses over with another and you meet new characters. While Dad was in the hospital I received a DM on Instagram from my cousin that I’ve known about but never had the opportunity to meet due to the fact they grew up on the other side … More 2/52


Hello again. Like all good soap operas you can pick up exactly where you left off and basically nothing has changed…. Yeah, when I thought I’d dust off the blog for weekly posts this year I did not expect my week to turn out the way it did… Twenty Twenty Too started out innocently enough. … More 1/52

Into The Garden In June – A Month Of Activities For Kids

I started a new #MomLife series on LittleGuide and one of the featured moms is Meaghan from Little Bee Book Club. She shared about a ‘Breakfast Basket’, a basket of books (and materials) that she uses to start her days with intention with her boys. We are in desperate need of routine around here and … More Into The Garden In June – A Month Of Activities For Kids