Notes From Home vol. 2

A week in 2020 feels like a lifetime. In vol. 1 the pandemic was the biggest news story, now you almost feel like it’s a non-issue (even though it is) because we’re experiencing a new Civil Rights Movement.

George Floyd was murdered by 4 police officers in Minnesota in broad daylight and it finally left an impact on enough people. It’s been overwhelming (both positive and negative) to see the response, the marches and calls for action. Race has always been a big personal issue for me so it’s been more emotional than the pandemic. We’re going to a protest this weekend, I’ve been shopping black owned businesses and have found a lot of new IG accounts to follow.

The latter may sound superficial but I enjoy reading blogs and it’s been really hard to find POC to follow and every time I find one I’m excited – now many are receiving spotlights and my newsfeed looks so different!

If you are uncertain about the protests or feel like the game is changed bc the response this week, don’t forget there’s a lot of injustice and a long road ahead.

On the homefront, Sam is teething bad so a mix of cranky and cuddly. The weather’s been hot so both boys like the sprinkler now.

Danny and I are running. I did my first 5k – not great time. And can do a single mile in just over 10 minutes.

Our Garden themed activities are slow to start because the books haven’t come yet. But we’re still reading, working in our garden, trying to do crafts (Lucas really hates crafts) and spending time outside. We do the 10 Minutes Before Noon Outside a day for the #1000HourOutside challenge and we went on a nature walk at Greenmead (one of our few outings since quarantine). Lucas is also trying new foods. We had mini success with tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.

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