Fast Four

Life is busy. One day it won’t be so in the meantime I’m embracing the chaos and doing my best. We’re going to see the Avengers tomorrow and I can’t wait but totally can wait at the same time. I fear my beloved Captain America will die and I just can’t. MARVEL is my happy space … More Fast Four


Life’s a little slow right now but I don’t mind. I’m embracing the cycles of life right now (and a perpetually messy house). Lucas is a love but a 7am to 9:30pm job, which limits our ability to do other things. He’s too funny and cute for me to care. In the moments he’s with … More Currently

Pizza Pizza

I made two amazing pizzas Saturday night and have to share. Homemade pizza sounds like a lot of work but it’s not when you use Trader Joe’s herbed pizza dough. The vegetarian pizza I make often for company and it’s always a hit. If you don’t like goat cheese I still say give it a … More Pizza Pizza

Fast Four

Weekend throwback edition: Roseanne premiered this week (it was also renewed for another season) and it was more than I hoped for. I love John Goodman and Dan Conner is my favorite tv dad so at the end of the day just seeing him again was all I needed but after watching the show I … More Fast Four

Our Dining Room

The best part about getting older is that things start to fall into place. I find this to be especially true with home decor. In our previous homes I’ve rushed to do some things that turned out to be unnecessary (mainly because we moved soon after). This time around I’ve taken the slow and steady … More Our Dining Room