Choose Love

Annecia moved in with us last month and last week her car broke. We had three options: Let her figure it out Buy a beater for her to drive Buy a new car for us and let her drive Danny’s car. In the first, she has no means to get a car and without one she’d … More Choose Love


It’s been a busy year, so even though I had hopes of separate blog posts for a few of these topics, it looks like it’ll just be this bulk post. Loving this dress! Leanne designs one each month but this one is breath-taking and I can’t stop thinking about it. Reading  The English Wife. Danny selected … More Currently

Words of Wisdom

Dinner conversations around here can be hard to come by. Even though we see Mr. B three times a week for dinner (and maybe in part because we do), our polarizing world views keep our safe topics to a minimum. Consequently, work ends up dominating my contributions. I work a lot and my hours are … More Words of Wisdom

Little Lucas

Time passes so quickly, I wish I did Lucas updates more regularly after year one. At the time you feel like you’ll never forget the moments but inevitably you do. Here are some recent memories and general reminders to my future self. We bought tickets to Sesame Street Live and I couldn’t wait to take … More Little Lucas

Just for laughs

I found this priceless interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin promoting season 4 of Grace & Frankie and it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. These ladies are hilarious and I can’t wait to binge Netflix this weekend (and eventually watch Jane in Five Acts). Here are some interview highlights. On … More Just for laughs

Words of Wisdom

My adoration for the Roosevelts is well known. I strive to learn from their example and live a life that is productive. My guidebook for this endeavor is Eleanor Roosevelt’s You Learn by Living.  I read it often and read it again to start the year. I decided that it will be my new tradition … More Words of Wisdom