Like all good soap operas you one story arc crosses over with another and you meet new characters.

While Dad was in the hospital I received a DM on Instagram from my cousin that I’ve known about but never had the opportunity to meet due to the fact they grew up on the other side of the planet. It was unexpected and surprising but it’s turned out great. I talk to the oldest via chat most days, we’re both married working moms with kids. And on Sunday I had a 5 hour Zoom with two cousins, Uncle Jason and Gram. It’s all gone really smoothly and has been great.

Honestly, the entire week was great. My 2022 Resolution was to focus on being a mom. When we got this Rona diagnosis, I was pissed that we got it and annoyed that my routine would be disrupted. But the fact is this week gave me everything I wanted – time with my little guys. It’s not always easy, there’s fights and crying but at the end of the day none of us want to leave the house. The 2020 lockdown was stressful with work and the unknown of what was happening. There’s still plenty of unknowns but for the most part it was special quality time.

Lucas and I have found new ways to bond. We are so much a like we can butt heads and so this time together was just what we needed. We found a video game with both like – PBSKids Rover Maker – and a new tv show – Fresh Off The Boat. We’ve been staying up late to watch since Hulu auto selected episode 1.1 for us one day.

Sam spends most of his time playing and talking about farm animals. Danny received Jenga as a company gift and Sam was a rock-star! He touches pieces to see what’s loose and is really careful. Puzzles are also a big hit.

My fitness routine is out the window for the most part but Danny and I do Yoga with Adrienne which I love. Not only the workout but time with Danny which has been scarce since he goes to work and when he’s home so do I.

I read Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis, a BOTM selection Madison picked. She’s going to read it and we’ll have a book club. It was similar in style to a book I read last month, The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner, which I’m assuming is a popular literary style of a mystery of the ‘present’ retelling a story of the past. They were both fine probably enjoyed Magnolia Palace more because I also learned about the Frick family/museum.

I also cooked this week – I was feeling the WAHM life. Nothing especially fancy but I don’t cook often anymore so gourmet burgers with fresh sweet potatoes, shrimp enchilada and a surf and turf was notable.

We also got a head start on MLK Day of Serve by picking up ten $10 Starbuck gift cards and dropping them off to nurses at the UM Testing Center. When I went for my test earlier I thanked them on behalf of our family for being so great and was heartbroken when the exhausted nurse shared that most people just yell at them all day. When I dropped off the cards today the nurse was shocked and pleased. It was a small thing from our family but I hope it at least helps them going into the weekend.


Homeschool was not full-time but it went well
Lucas is great at sounding out and writing words
Sam can circle and count items – especially farm animals
Farmer Sam
Lucas will humor him sometimes
We were in serious staycation vibes
I also cleaned the house! Sam was committed to being my ‘helper’
This PBS Kids game is awesome
Books are fine, easy reads
Family Game Night!
Thank you to all our essential workers (medical, education and service)
‘Pound it’ – it was a great week

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