3/52 + 4/52

Playing catch up already I know but still committed. Quarantine is over and life is busy.


After two weeks at home it was back to the business of real life. Lucas went to school, Sam to Grandma and I was able to effectively work from home, work out and check some items off the to-do list.

I had had the World of Winter festival on my goals list and visiting Cory more often. So as our official re-entry into the world we visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Uncle Cory (to watch the Bucs win) and The World of Winter. The Public Museum was fantastic. Large, affordable, interactive science for Lucas and plenty of animals for Sam. For lunch we went to an Italian place that had the best tiramisu ever. Since the boys didn’t nap during the day they fell asleep on the way to the festival. Fortunately, the lights were so engaging they were happy to wake up for it. I enjoyed the walk and with Cory parking at the end it was a doable walk for my anti-walking guys.

Lucas and I celebrated MLK Day by joining a park clean up and read John Lewis’ March. It’s really important to me that the boys understand the history of black life in America and not take their privilege’s for granted. I read Coretta Scott King’s autobiography and it was interesting but not something I’d recommend.

I really want to work on balancing work and motherhood better so on Thursday I took Farmer Sam to Kensington and had the best time. He loves animals so much, it’s a joy to watch him go crazy over horses, cows, donkeys (Encanto really raised their status) and the baby pigs (which he would have spent all day with). I let him set the pace for our visit and it was perfect. I also picked some books up for him from the library and one he refers to as the farmer grandpa book and I love that. I miss Mr. B every day.

I attended a virtual Livonia Dems meeting and it was good to see Rashida, Laurie and Laura on the Zoom. After last year and the start of this year I needed the reminder that I can’t sit back and need to remain engaged. The world won’t just become better, we need to put in the work.

I’m kinda a NYT puzzles and Wordle addict.


I finally finished painting the kitchen. The mural I did in October I painted over and the completed project looks great. I’m going to make a sign of the quote but quite frankly that had been therapy during a difficult campaign. Danny also wanted to change up the boys room and I’m pleased with the new bookshelf too – it was especially fun watching Sam build it.

I’m still transitioning from the difficult campaign. So many people met me as Candidate Carrie, I struggle with remaining an engaged citizen as just myself. The people who know me get it and it’s so validating to feel truly seen but for everyone I’m trying to figure out how to help them see myself. That said, I’m still out and about doing what I can at the Library Commission and Greenmead365 Focus Group. I am having positive success with posts on Vote.Run.Serve which is a solid win.

Inspired by Laura Toy’s talk on sex trafficking I read What Unbreakable Looks Like by Kate McLaughlin and it was an interesting teen fiction book (hard topic to recommend but good book). My best library check outs were for Lucas. He’s not a big reader but I went to the library and found two different chapter books he likes. A colored chapter book about Black Panther he’s reading with Danny and Toy Academy series that we already completed. He loves thinking up toys (that he then wants us to purchase on Amazon) and I’m so glad I found a good connection for him reading.

Wednesday after school I took them to Fox Creek Golf Course for sledding and it was the best. The hill is huge and both boys had a blast. The hill is so big that climbing up 1/3 of the way to slide down was entertaining enough for them and we were there for over an hour. The downhill of the activity, was getting both boys up the hill and back down when they were both cold and tired from the fun but we survived. 

Wednesday night Lucas put on Sam’s Pooh jams (which Sam won’t wear) and it was adorable.

I made two great dinners. A simple goat cheese pasta by Liz Adams and an orange pork recipe with bagged apple salad from TJ. I even made a quiche with leftover ingredients.

Friday I took each boy to a show. Sam and I went to see Sesame Street Live. His bff loves Elmo and I thought it would be a good excuse to see Nori and Necia and incentive for him to enjoy it too since he doesn’t watch the show anymore. Nori, popcorn, music and Grover was all he needed for a good time. They played all the hits and I loved it. 

The mom moment for life was taking Lucas to The Lion King. That was a work thing so I told him that if he didn’t want to stay we could leave at intermission. He’s only seen the movie once and I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about people but 10 minutes in he turned to me and said mom I don’t want to leave. Even with a super rude guy in front of us he beamed from ear to ear the entire show. As soon as it was done he said he wanted to take Grandma for her birthday. He wanted 2 front row seats so no one could block him. I didn’t make promises because I didn’t know if it was sold out but as soon as I got home I bought them and can’t wait to tell him! He’s going to be so excited. 



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