Into The Garden In June – A Month Of Activities For Kids

I started a new #MomLife series on LittleGuide and one of the featured moms is Meaghan from Little Bee Book Club. She shared about a ‘Breakfast Basket’, a basket of books (and materials) that she uses to start her days with intention with her boys.

We are in desperate need of routine around here and intentional time (currently it’s the wild west) so I’m really excited to try something new and hopefully establish good habits and have fun!

Gardening has been a big deal around here these days and I felt that it was the perfect theme to start us off. We started a vegetable and flower garden this year and I want the boys to feel involved with the process. I hope these books/activities will get them excited about it and help them feel connected.


We’re big fans of the library but with libraries closed for now I wanted to change up our reading life. I also wanted to take this opportunity to support small business and placed our order online at Pages Bookshop. These books match the theme and also provide songs, crafts and yoga moves!


My boys are picky eaters and not good about vegetables and it drives me nuts. They aren’t easy to trick but I’m going to try to make new foods a game in hopes that they take a liking to it. I think if I can convince Lucas, Sam will follow suit. The plan? Introduce two vegetables/fruits a week and showcase them in different ways to Lucas. I’ll blind fold him to get him to tell me how they’re different. Here are the recipes I plan to try (note they refuse to try ANY of this right now).


Before Sam was born, I did Sunday crafts with Lucas and he loved it. It was a great bonding (and educational) activity so I look forward starting it up again. Since it’s long days, I’m thinking we’ll do a Wednesday craft too. Here are the ideas I have so far.


We’ve been staying home and staying safe since March but I’d like to get the boys out the house a little this summer. A couple trips in mind: Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Blakes Farm, and Eastern Market.

With so much sadness and insanity going on in the world I’m looking forward to taking a step away and focusing more on my guys (Danny included!)

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