I keep thinking I’ll remember everything week by week and I never do… but let’s see what I CAN remember.

Top of mind is the fact that Nikki’s dad passed away. From the first day we (I was probably 5) met Art and Marilyn they told us to call them Grandpa and Grandma, it took me time to say the words but in my heart it didn’t take me long to see them that way. They were kind, fun and easy to be around. Grandpa Art gave my first sip of coffee when we were in Meaford on summer vacation. It was black and I said I loved it – I was a pre-teen so I’m sure this humored them greatly. I have so many memories of summers, weekend visits and holidays. Their home in Canada has so many memories. Due to stricter boarding crossing rules and time, I didn’t see them as much in my 20s. Grandma Marilyn was diagnosed with Alzhimer’s many years ago and passed two years ago.

Death is a part of life but it’s not an easy one. I hope we can get a reprieve from losing loved ones.

I didn’t finish it but I’ve been engrossed in The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I’m not sure how I haven’t read it before and wow, it’s powerful. I checked out a small paperback but my old eyes needed larger copy so I stopped by Pages Bookshop (my fav local store in Detroit) to pick it up. As national talk is about banning books, I also wanted to pick up a copy because if we continue down this road, it would be banned. It has a lot of hard truths and food for thought. I was not at all aware of how connected X was to Michigan/Detroit. It’s a history we don’t recognize here and that intrigues me. It’s also fascinating because the Nation of Islam was founded in Detroit, so close to the largest Muslim city on this hemisphere – Dearborn). We hear Malcolm’s name often when black leaders/icons are mentioned but I think his message/legacy has been sanitized.

Other non-activity related items:

I’m watching Pam & Tommy on Hulu. Lily James is stunning and amazing. I’ve LOVED Pam Anderson for as long as I can remember – Baywatch, VIP, and Stacked I’ve watched her in all of it. I don’t love watching the show because I know she doesn’t approve but they haven’t been disrespectful of her (insensitive yes but that’s inevitable in a biopic) so I’ll see what episode 5 brings.

I’ve also been more engaged with SmartHer News. I keep vaguely informed on current events but it’s heavy. I really admire the effort of Jenna to try and change the way we evaluate and consume news content. She’s a former Fox News reporter who was turned off by the 24 hour news cycle and started her own non-partisan outlet.

Lucas’ birthday is coming quickly so I’m in party planning mode too. Every day of his life is a party but I hope his big 6th is particularly memorable.

I’m committed to losing weight and have been doing the Pelaton workouts daily.

Saturday the boys and I went to Impressions 5 with my mom to see the new Wild Kratts exhibit. Lucas LOVES the show and it’s been a bonding area for him and Grandma so we had a good time. I popped into the Estate Sale to see my SILs, it was good to see them and I’m glad we’ve got 4 graduation parties this summer. I also stopped by Aunt Mikki’s to say her to her and her fellows. We had a good visit. I also got sucked into the Target dollar section.

Sunday was a quiet day at home. Although Lucas did go to swim school. Danny hoped he would want to skip it but he genuinely enjoys Aqua-Tots. He has a funny nickname for his instructor Mr. Nolan that I can’t remember but was adorable to hear him tell me.

Monday I went into the office and caught up with Kerry in person. Also took the boys to the Southfield Public Library, it’s gold standard.

Tuesday Lucas wanted a chill day at home so that’s what we did after school.

Wednesday we celebrated National Pizza Day with our favorite ladies and Sammy’s pizza. It’s so sweet that Sam now loves the Hakalas (he was tired for the group picture). As soon as Maddy walked in he said ‘Maddy look at my new Pooh’ and held up the new shirts I ordered off LunchBox. It was great catching up with Lindsey.

After they left I jumped onto a virtual Sseko Designs party. These are NOT my thing but I was intrigued by the mission. I’m also skeptical of the validity of what is said but I hope it’s true because it’s sounds nice. I did buy a shirt that’s apparently/allegedly made out of plastic. I’m a sucker for sustainability so I MAY ‘host’ a party – we’ll see.

Thursday I didn’t sleep well because Sam woke up at 3am and tried my Wordle before coffee – my first loss and it was all because of brain fog – I had 4 numbers in the right spot! Danny and I ran errands in the morning and had a quick lunch date which was nice.

Friday I volunteered to work the Library Book Sale, as a Library Commissioner I think it’s important to give back. This would have been an easier task except we’re down a car but I made it back with a flat tire – ugh. My college professor Pam came over and we had a great time catching up – it’s nice being able to see people again.


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