Notes From Home vol. 3

The movement continues and Danny and I marched on Sunday – in Livonia. I love my city but it’s not diverse or comfortable with diversity. It’s an interesting dynamic for me and has been a defining experience for me. I had no idea what to expect at the march, I followed the organizers on Facebook and was unexpectedly anxious. I always bring the boys to protest but this time I didn’t, I don’t like that I didn’t feel comfortable bringing them especially because it’s the most personal of causes to me.

Over 2,000 people showed up and it was peaceful and as I watched from the crowd I wondered why I hadn’t made the move to be more involved. It bothered me. I don’t like conflict and prefer to work hard to support others or wait to be noticed/appreciated and asked to do more. That’s my comfort zone but after being at the protest I realized I need to step up and out of my comfort zone and do more.

On the homefront, we as socializing slightly. We hung out with Brett, Lindsey and the girls on Saturday and I got to keep the girls overnight! 4 kids sounds like a lot but the big kids (Lucas included) play so well together it’s no work at all. They really ARE big kids now too! Aunt Margaret came over for Sunday brunch – kids still over so it was chaos but nice to visit.

I’ve run 45 miles in the last 2 weeks which is a nice accomplishment although I’m still in abhorrent shape. Danny and I run together when we can and it’s a great date session.

The garden is growing nicely although I’m worried I didn’t give plants enough space. Hopefully we still get veggies though.

I read Rebecca Smith’s A Better Life and it really touched me and I think it really is a reason I made the move to start the fundraiser.

Our outdoor hours are tallying up nicely. We spend time outside every morning and the other night we took the boys to the library’s outdoor story walk. The space is WAY bigger than I thought it would be and the boys loved exploring.

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