The Royal Wedding

My favorite picture from the royal wedding. Nothing says fairytale more than this and it wasn’t even staged. Harry and (Rachel!?!) Meghan seem in love, I hope they have a happy life together. The wedding was definitely more ‘Blackish’ than I expected and I wonder how the Queen felt about it. You’d think she would … More The Royal Wedding


Currently I would argue that in addition to love you also need high volumes of caffeine, sleep and a vacation (a staycation would do). I’m drowning in activity these days and failing at my main new year’s resolution…. it was a rainy day for last week’s flower party and I was more exhausted than chipper … More Currently

Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam is one of the most talked about restaurants in Detroit these days. It’s been high on my to-try list and Danny surprised me with reservations for Mother’s Day. I went in with high expectations and from start to finish it didn’t disappoint. Going in I knew I wanted the caramel chicken wings … More Flowers of Vietnam

Bedroom Updates

  Life is crazy 98% of the time these days. I feel like I’m failing at most things most days. I desperately want a few days without life responsibility to focus on my guys and get organized. Since that’s a pipe dream, I am finding SO much solace in our little house updates. Our bedroom … More Bedroom Updates