The Year Ahead

Going into 2018 with my Kate Middleton shirt and Meghan Markle hair (more on that later but spoiler alert: keratin is magic!). 2017 was a burn out year, I probably overextended myself and part of me wants to make 2018 the year of no. I’m always busy and lately I’m busier than usual. I like … More The Year Ahead

Fast Four

Here are a few of my favorite things from 2017: Show: Young Sheldon, I was really skeptical of the Big Bang prequel but it’s perfect. Also I had NO IDEA  Zoe Perry is Laurie Metcalf’s daughter – mind blown!!! Restaurant: This is tough because I love Stache but since I never blogged about Parks & Rec … More Fast Four


  Our monthly tradition of making short family videos is my favorite thing in the world. Often we’re doing it on the last day of the month because the reality is life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to find 3 minutes but it’s so worth it! When I watch the final product at the … More 2017

Fast Four

I don’t necessarily have the time to do the things I enjoy but I am forcing it. SO yay for reading, going to the gym AND blogging. I finished Tom Hank’s collection of short stories and determined it’s a big product placement ad for typerwriters. That said, it’s highly convincing and I also determined I … More Fast Four