A weird thing happened this weekend, I felt like myself. It was like a light went on that I hadn’t even realized was off and it felt great. Life has been stressful and I’ve felt blue but I wouldn’t have really said I was depressed depressed. I suffered serious teenage angst and learned to counter … More Currently

MoGo Detroit

After a decade plus cycling hiatus I’ve taken to riding a bike multiple times a week thanks to the MoGoDetroit. There’s no such thing as convenient parking in the city these days and now that I’m downtown (and without the federal parking lot), I have to get creative. I decided to check out the MoGo … More MoGo Detroit


I don’t think work-life balance exists. I think you do the best you can, when you can. Being a working mom isn’t easy but I think it’s good.* I want Lucas to have a strong work ethic and – hopefully – he’ll learn valuable lessons from seeing me work. Nevertheless, I know that he hears … More Balance

Take the Knee

There are so many things going on in the news that I don’t know where to begin. I miss the days when national tragedies happened a few times a year verses a few times a week (day). First and foremost, we need to prioritize our help for those in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean nations. … More Take the Knee

Baking with Baby

One of my favorite things to do is cook but I haven’t been able to do it much since Lucas was born. Now that he’s older, I’m getting back into the kitchen and bringing him with me. This week we took the apples from the orchard and made apple butter and apple rhubarb pie. Lucas … More Baking with Baby

Fall Favorites

It’s crazy hot and humid around here but I will not let that put a damper on my sweater weather season. The sweater and jeans are from the GAP outlet and I plan to live in them for the next two months at least. Other fall things I’m really looking forward to: Making // Apple butter for … More Fall Favorites