My goal for Saturdays is to blog. And whether it’s one post or a couple I save up – I enjoy writing and want to write for fun and not always for work. Food Meal planning is a struggle and so is keeping our food budget in check. It’s constant work in progress and I … More Currently

December Round-Up

We didn’t waste any time this month and certainly made the most of the final weeks of 2019. It was fun but I’m ready to slow things down next month/year. Santa Visit @ Donuts with Santa: Lucas + Sam saw Santa with Kallan + Kensley. Sam was nonchalant about the whole thing. Lucas enjoyed it … More December Round-Up

Sam at 9 Month

  I did take his 9 month picture on the 21st but got swept up in the holidays so behind on his official monthly update which very much complicates things because in 1 WEEK he’s started to pull himself up, walk along furniture AND climb up on the window (well at least very nearly – … More Sam at 9 Month

November Round-Up

November was the fastest month I’ve ever lived through – no exaggeration. I’m not remotely prepared for December but here it comes. Nature Center @ Nankin Mills: The Nature Center down the street got a major renovation and we took a family walk to check it out. Lucas loved the turtles and snakes. Playdate @ … More November Round-Up

Sam at 8 Month

    Sam is a man on the move! He’s crawling all over the place and when he’s not sleepy or hungry he wants to explore. He’s obsessed with going to the bathroom although I think he does it because he knows it’ll especially get my attention and I’ll run after him (we also keep … More Sam at 8 Month

I’m feeling 32….

32 means it takes me nearly a week to find time for my annual reflective piece and even then I really don’t have the time but I’m going to steal it from other things…. 31 was probably my hardest adult year. It was certainly the best since my sweet sweet Sammy was added to my … More I’m feeling 32….

October Round-Up

I posted our plans for October¬†and thought it might be nice to follow-up for once. It was a SUPER busy but fun month and here are the highlights. Pumpkinfest @ Wilson Barn: We didn’t take full advantage of all of Wilson Barn’s activities¬† but we did enjoy a nice photo opp! Family Photos @ Greenmead: … More October Round-Up