Sam Is 1

Sam is one and what a world to live in… My sweet darling Samuel Anders and I connected instantly, my cuddlebug and co-worker. I spend every day with him but that mom guilt creeps in that we haven’t had the quality of time that he deserves. At a few months he started to kick my … More Sam Is 1

January Round-Up

Life is a whirlwind. Everyone was like January lasts forever – I’m like I WISH! Life was slower than December but still busy. 1000 Hours Outside: There is an amazing – Michigan started movement – for families to spend more time outside and I love it. I’m not good at it but striving to get … More January Round-Up

Sam at 10 Month

  10 months! This little man is getting closer and closer to a year old and I’m not ready. He’s my little baby but with each passing day he shows us he’s ready to be a big boy. Sam’s a man on the move. He’s climbs up everything he can and in drawers lol He … More Sam at 10 Month

Growing Up

The world news makes me feel very vulnerable and helpless. The projections about what will happen to our planet are especially terrifying. I don’t take our comfortable life for granted and know we are not at all prepared for a crisis. We all know there’s a climate crisis but too many people are ignoring it. … More Growing Up


My goal for Saturdays is to blog. And whether it’s one post or a couple I save up – I enjoy writing and want to write for fun and not always for work. Food Meal planning is a struggle and so is keeping our food budget in check. It’s constant work in progress and I … More Currently

December Round-Up

We didn’t waste any time this month and certainly made the most of the final weeks of 2019. It was fun but I’m ready to slow things down next month/year. Santa Visit @ Donuts with Santa: Lucas + Sam saw Santa with Kallan + Kensley. Sam was nonchalant about the whole thing. Lucas enjoyed it … More December Round-Up

Sam at 9 Month

  I did take his 9 month picture on the 21st but got swept up in the holidays so behind on his official monthly update which very much complicates things because in 1 WEEK he’s started to pull himself up, walk along furniture AND climb up on the window (well at least very nearly – … More Sam at 9 Month