Fast Four

I’m exciting for the weekend but hurting too. Kat is coming over for girls night today. Cara is hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos Saturday and Gina and Lindsey will be there. I need to find a way to see Melissa and Raechel so I can see all my friends in one weekend! … More Fast Four

Pay It Forward

I love reading and I love sharing that love of reading with Lucas. He has started memorizing sections of his favorite books and loves looking at the art and finding little things. Reading is definitely our happy time. I feel so lucky to have those happy moments because (I’m incredibly paranoid and a professional worrier) … More Pay It Forward

Fast Four

I’m on a roll this week on the blogging front. The sun is out and I feel like a new person. Here’s to longer days and warmer weather! Love Taza is living the dream in NYC and now she’s selling some of it at Target! Naomi created a really thoughtful luggage line for the entire … More Fast Four

L is for….

My mom the hardest person to shop for. Similar to myself, she doesn’t feel the need to have stuff just to have stuff so I usually don’t worry about it but this year was a milestone birthday so I figured I’d try. Last fall Danny and I tossed around some big ideas – Hawaii and … More L is for….