Month 8 Round II

  It’s butternut squash month and the reality that Sam will be here in two months is becoming more and more real. He’s easy to care for now, I don’t know how I’ll manage when he’s on the outside… How far along?  32 weeks and 6 days Total weight gain/loss: 20lbs+ I’m sure and I just know it’ll … More Month 8 Round II


On the top of my mind these days is daycare/pre-school. There are a lot of factors to consider and I want to make sure I am preparing Lucas for kindergarten the best I can. With these thoughts swirling in my head in the middle of the night Saturday, I thought of a fun craft for … More Currently

Cyberfree Sundays

Balance and boundaries. In addition to budgets those are my goals for 2019. There’s been plenty of talk about budgets on the blog and here’s for the other stuff. In an attempt to detox and improve my habits I have stopped using the computer and phone on Sundays. It’s been a breath of fresh air … More Cyberfree Sundays

For The Boys

For the past couple months, I put on my Betsy Ross’ bonnet and pulled out the thread and needle to make custom pillowcases for Lucas and Sam. After many ups and downs the project is finally complete (well almost, I want to add buttons to the back but that could take months or years). Before … More For The Boys

Fast Four

I have to believe Becoming is one of the best sellers of all time because never in my life have I known multiple people who have read a book and multiple people who have asked to borrow a book (and it’s so good I’m a little leery to lend). Honestly, I didn’t even plan to read … More Fast Four