Time for change

  Winter blues got me this year and now that the sun is out a little longer, the boots are back in storage and it looks like the winter coats will soon follow, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated for the months ahead. Our to-do list is lengthy but one thing I no longer wanted to … More Time for change


I still have a hard time accepting that this is the world we’re living in. How can the GOP justify cutting our arts programs? Look at this face – kids deserve a free station to laugh, learn and love Elmo and the rest of the PBS classics. Laughing/Crying over this Elmo video. I share his employability concerns… … More Currently

Happy Friday

The Challenge: Tell a story with a mirror The Picture: Before you have kids you think – kids aren’t going to dictate my life, I’ll do all the things I’ve always enjoyed doing. The thing you never expect is that you don’t want to do the things you always enjoyed anymore – at least I … More Happy Friday

Whole30 Week 2

Week one is complete. I’m functioning sans espresso My head is clearer and I’m able to focus better I’m not missing any food and am eating really well So far the Whole30 is going well. I don’t know if it’s the program itself or my motivation to do it but it’s been very therapeutic. I’m forced … More Whole30 Week 2

Sending Love

Growing up my mom always sent cards and wrote thank you notes for every gesture. I carried on in her example until recently. The price of cards are so high that I feel like people would probably prefer the extra $5 go towards a nicer gift and as much as I want to send thank … More Sending Love


Perhaps its cabin fever but I’m ready for a change. Since I already cut my hair this year, I’m going a different route this time. The Whole30 cleanse is big in the blogsphere so I’m going to give it a go. The only notable activity in the next 30 days is St. Patrick’s Day so … More Whole30