Fantasy Friday

I’m a traditionalist and firmly believe we’re losing our humanity one app at a time. That said, I’m shamefully addicted and dependent on technology. Last night I laid in bed still wired from the cup of coffee I drank at 11pm for a final push in house work and work work tasks and fantasized of … More Fantasy Friday

Brunch at Block

Danny surprised me with brunch at Block for Mother’s Day and it was delicious. The restaurant has been around for a couple years but we are seriously behind on our Detroit eats so it was our first time there. I’m not a huge brunch fan but the cheesy jalapeno grits are so good the next … More Brunch at Block

Motherhood defined

Friday night Kat asked how I would feel if Lucas grew up to be a Republican. Without hesitation or doubt, my answer was that I would have failed as a mother if that happened. It isn’t a political statement, it’s moral one. At this moment in time the Republican Party has demonstrated that it will … More Motherhood defined

Play Ball

I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it looks like we might get a little spring weather around here. Even with the nip in the air we are taking advantage of the longer days and spending lots of time outdoors. Lucas loves sports. Since he was a baby he’s enjoyed watching Sports Center … More Play Ball