Growing Up

The world news makes me feel very vulnerable and helpless. The projections about what will happen to our planet are especially terrifying. I don’t take our comfortable life for granted and know we are not at all prepared for a crisis. We all know there’s a climate crisis but too many people are ignoring it. We’ve decided that we can’t ignore it and will do our best to prepare for it in a very basic way – gardening.

Food scarcity could become a reality. Whether food isn’t able to be produced and truly inaccessible or costs rise and it’s unaffordable – I want to do what I can to make sure my family is fed; therefore, we are going to start growing our own food.

We have no gardening experience but have been doing a lot of self-education the last few weeks. To help others who may also be like us (novice gardeners, living in the suburbs with limited time because of work and kids) we’ve started a YouTube channel to chronicle our adventures in gardening and sustainable living.

Here’s episode 1:

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