Sam at 10 Month



10 months! This little man is getting closer and closer to a year old and I’m not ready. He’s my little baby but with each passing day he shows us he’s ready to be a big boy.

Sam’s a man on the move. He’s climbs up everything he can and in drawers lol

He knows his name AND when he’s getting into mischief (still my little Loki). When I call for him he’ll peek his head around a corner and grin with delight before – usually – racing off.

He says Dada (every morning – Danny’s the first thing he wants) and otherwise babbles all day long. He kind of seems to be saying Luke which will be interesting because I don’t want other people to start calling Lucas Luke so we’ll see what happens there.

The boys have been playing together a little more. Lucas loves to carry Sam and make him walk – Sam enjoys it too. They also fight over toys constantly.

Sam wants to eat everything but actually eats very little. He’s got 3 teeth on top and two on the bottom with one poking out on either side too. So he’ll chomp on things and then spit it out. He desperately wants to feed himself – particularly yogurt – and whenever I let him I regret it because it’s a big ole mess.

The other thing with his teeth is that it’s made him extra fussy this month but it’s nothing a combination of freedom and cuddles doesn’t fix. He absolutely hates the car seat.

Sam’s favorite thing to do is still go outside and I try to take him on walks as often as possible. He likes reading a little bit. There’s a Sesame Street bathtime book he’s pretty into and he LOVES music. We went to Sesame Street live and he would nurse when it was a talking part but jumped up to dance every time music played.

He weighted in at 18lbs at the doctor, he has a big head and is of average height.

He’s starting daycare next month and I know it’ll be good for us but I’m already anxious at the thought of not always being with my little Samlamander, Samuel Anders.




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