Month 6 Round II

Still feeling huge and very curious about how big Sam is. I feel him moving around simultaneous at large distances; additionally, this cantaloupe implies hugeness but he’s barely halfed baked so I’m a little nervous…. Fortunately, I know better than to plan on any newborn clothes, Round 2 win! Here’s month 6: How far along?  24 … More Month 6 Round II


There was a rare warm day not too long ago and we got our family photos taken at a nearby park and I LOVE them! Danny takes such great pictures of other people, it’s nice that we have some good photos of our own. Other things I’m currently up to…. Excited to get organized for the … More Currently

Month 5 Round II

Since I waited to announce, I didn’t publish last month’s bumpdate at the time but I did write it and take pictures. I know Baby #2 often gets the short end so I figure I’ll try starting off on an even level. We’re at the halfway mark and we know he’s a BOY (the cutest … More Month 5 Round II

Month 4 Round II

It’s not that I’m not excited for a new baby but it’s more overwhelming than before. I have more to worry about (how Lucas will adjust, how I’ll manage, not dying in child birth) and less time to devote to being exciting. Plus being pregnant dominates all conversations when people know or at least know … More Month 4 Round II