Sam at 6 Month


Sam is a doll, my little peanut baby.

He’s always so happy and squeals in delight. He LOVES being outdoors and kicks his feet uncontrollably from excitement.

He’s a cuddle-bug and would probably never cry if he could just be cuddled constantly, as it is he doesn’t cry much.

He’s a good sleeper when I’m next to him but otherwise he’s hit or miss. He hates the car seat so if he falls asleep in it he’ll wake up after the walk/car ride. BUT when I’m next to him he’s still the sweetest and doesn’t cry for food just waits for me (and since I’m not getting much sleep, when I am sleep I’m tired so he’s very patient).

Sam has started baby food and likes it even though he’d much rather have real food and lunges for it whenever it’s around.

Sam loves to watch cars race, play his piano floor mat kicker and his little donkey toy. He also loves crunchy sounds that things like diaper wipes makes and he loves to play with his feet.

I sing him ‘Sweet Sammy’ in the tune of ‘Sweet Lady’ and it calms him down always.

He still can’t sit up but when he’s in a high chair or wing he does okay.

He likes to play with Lucas but they fight too which for the moment is endearing.

Sammy LOVES his Daddy and is so happy to see him.

He’s a little high maintenance but I’m just so grateful I can cater to him.

Sam is very thoughtful and frequently appears to contemplate his lot in life.

DSC_2297Sam 6

Sam was over this photo session



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