Fast Four

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Life is beyond busy but I don’t see that changing any time soon so I wanted to take a minute and blog. I write about Detroit every day and wanted to share a couple of my favorite things around town right now.

I’m guessing these flip designers are going for a show on HGTV and I hope they get it because their homes are gorgeous. Evan and Keith are transforming 1,000 sq ft homes in Detroit and selling them for less than 100k!

My favorite ladies are coming to The Fox next month and I’m going to see them!!! 

In addition to blogging, I haven’t had a lot of time for Danny either so he surprised me with a NextGen couples subscription to the Detroit Symphony in order to ensure we have date nights. The DSO is definitely our go-to date and I’m excited to have a reason to dress up and hit the town.

I’m currently off sugar but if I weren’t I’d be eating Warda Patisserie. There’s a lot of great dessert in Detroit but Warda gets top marks for looks and taste – Bon Appetit Magazine agrees.

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