Sam at 5 Month



My Sammy Sam is just the sweetest and I don’t know how he is getting so big.

Following in his brother’s footsteps of unique hairstyles he has a natural mohawk made up of about three curls and everything comments on it.

His bottom two teeth are popping up and he’s miserable but a trooper.

He really wants to eat food and is disappointed when the spoon passes him by.

He’s a good sleeper and likes the dark – not great when I work at night in a room with white walls so he actually spends some time alone in his playpen. He will not sleep in his car seat. He also loves to sleep on his stomach which makes me nervous.

Sam loves quiet and if he’s crying and you take him outside he’ll stop every time.

He loves to be kissed/nuzzled at his neck and just laughs and laughs.

Sam loves to watch cars go down Lucas’ ‘Rustzee Racing Center’, he also loves to watch tv with his brother.

His favorite books are Pookie books, he goes crazy for them!

He hates the phone and computer and it pains me since the trade-off of him not being in daycare is that I have to work in front of him.

He can’t sit up but he can move! Sam cannot be left alone at all because he can go far – I don’t even know how because he doesn’t crawl.

He seems to say hi. Lucas and I think he’s said mommy but I’m not going to officially call anything yet.

He does mimic people who stick out their tongue to him and it’s so cute!

Sam is all smiles and just the sweetest sweetest baby.



PicMonkey Collage.jpg




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