Life is crazy (and) wonderful these days. We have so much going on, I hate not having a blog record of it all but there’s no time to blog. I do want to remember that it’s all good stuff. I spend as much time with my guys as I can and that’s basically all the time with the littlest one. I’m living my greatest wish and I’m oh so thankful.

Ordering this Ice Cream Maker/Soccer ball! Danny has been talking about getting an ice cream maker FOREVER and we’re a soccer (tots) family so this is beyond perfect – hopefully it works! I also want to try these key lime pie popsicles.

Wearing new clothes because I’m not losing my baby weight quickly AND I’m nursing. I want and plan to lose the weight but regardless of how soon that happens, I’ll still be nursing for a year and needed some nursing friendly clothes. HM has great options and they had an amazing sale so I found a couple items for cheap – wahoo!

Eating better because of Hungry Harvest. For $15 every two weeks we get a box of fruits and vegetables and that is the most reliable way to get healthy food in our kitchen and in our bodies.

Drinking I hit my limit with Starbucks pricing and have officially converted to Biggby. I honestly am enjoying coffee from home more than going out but when I do I go on Wednesday for a $3 16oz latte – can’t beat that.

Watching General Hospital when I work at night and it feels like home. I’ve been following these characters for 20 years and it’s good to see them again. I also enjoy it because I remember the kid I was when I watched. I remember how hard things were and how I felt like everything I have now was an impossibility and it feels nice to be on the other side and know that everything works out and is better than I ever imagined.+

Planning SO many activities. I think I’m a little crazy but I don’t want to waste a minute of the boys childhood or the sunshine so we’re stocking up our calendar. This weekend we’re doing a cousin outing at the fire department, soccer tots, meet up with Lucas’ friend from school at Greenmead’s Touch-A-Truck, and go to a Things With Wings event at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Items on August calendar:

It’s funny because I don’t feel like we do that much but seeing this list and thinking about what we have done, we’re keeping busy enough.

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