Sam at 4 Month


Sam is getting to be such a big boy – literally he fits in 6-12 month clothing and I don’t know how my peanut is growing so quickly.

He is coming to his own and while I still see some hints of Lucas he’s really just Sam.

Sam is a worried soul. His facial expression is usually contemplative but when he sees you he’ll smile the biggest and best smiles.

He’s my co-worker and I wish he’d nap independently so that I could find better balance but he just wants to be held. For better or worse he’ll stay propped on my shoulder or lay in my arms while I’m typing away.

While he’s particular in the circumstances of which he sleeps, Sam likes sleep and really wishes we’d be still and quieter more often then we are.

He HATES the car seat and will only stay in it without  crying if the car is moving – he HATES red lights.

I may have been fast on the teeth front because there’s no siting yet.

He’s can almost hold up his head independently and he can grab toys now (his favorites are Mr. Fox, the monkey on his playmat and Cogsworth that Grandpa bought him). He spends a lot of time on his playmat but he genuinely enjoys it.

Sam can turn over now and he partially tries to, partially get very upset when he finds himself on his stomach.

He’s learn to move by pumping his legs and rotating while he’s on his back so I can’t leave him alone. At night when he wakes up hungry he sometimes ends up away from me and kicks me in the face to get my attention (he’s very polite about it).

He still can’t hold his head up but he’s getting better. He’s also holding on to more things. Mainly politely tapping me when he’s hungry and wants to eat – not even kidding, he’s the sweetest.

Sam is a gentle soul and so sweet. I think he knows his name. He definitely knows Lucas’ and looks for him when we mention his big brother (I think partially because he’s frightened of his enthusiasm).

One shared interest they have is in movies. These boys are tv addicts….

I say this every month but my heart could burst from love of my sweet Sammy. It’s so hard imagining loving another baby as much as you do your first but it’s literally like you have another heart. I can’t get enough of him and love every single second we get to be together.



PicMonkey Collage

Sammy’s signature move – tongue out


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