Sam at 3 Month



Sam is three months old and I can’t believe it! I don’t know where the time goes but I love every minute with him and prior to last night and for a couple hours this weekend it’s been every minute literally.

He still reminds me of Lucas a lot but he is his own man. He’s got his signature faces and I can’t get enough.

He’s my little peanut but not actually that tiny. His last appointment had him at 50% for height/weight but a 90% head.

Following in his brother’s footsteps Sam is already getting teeth. He’s got a top and a bottom poking through but you’d NEVER know it because he doesn’t cry.

He sleeps through the night too. He falls asleep around 9pm and stays asleep until I feed him to go to bed anywhere between 1am – 3am (working hours) and then he will stay either sleep or contently next to me until I wake up between 7am-8:30am. He still snores but I think it’s getting a little better.

He still can’t hold his head up but he’s getting better. He’s also holding on to more things. Mainly politely tapping me when he’s hungry and wants to eat – not even kidding, he’s the sweetest.

Sam is starting to find favorite things. He still loves mobiles and they always work to calm him if he’s crying. He loves his playmat and the little monkey that hangs down. He doesn’t love books but he does love Dance Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton and I love having something to read to him that excites him.

Beatboxing by Dad is his favorite thing. Lucas does it too. I heard about Stereognosis Presents: International Beatbox Champion on NPR and am excited to play it for him.

Sam is a talker and very deliberately babbles his thoughts. I look forward to understanding what he’s trying to say one day. He has also learned to mimic Danny’s mouth sounds which is adorable (Lucas did the same thing).

He doesn’t laugh often but when he does he has the BEST laugh!

Sam had his baptism last month and was perfect through all the hub-bub. He’s is definitely a go-with-the-flow kid and a great co-worker.

Lucas is ready for Sam to be more exciting and Lucas may be a little too exciting for Lucas because if you ask Sam where Lucas is he’ll turn and look for him. Sam is stil the only reason Lucas wants to get in a picture. Lucas loves to call him Sammy Lamby




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