Fast Four


It’s been awhile for one of these but if you need a good meal, some energy and some laughs these are for you.

I stay up late working and like having something on in the background. When Law & Order isn’t on I turn to Netflix, since I need to focus I like comedy because it’s not something I have to watch. I watched Hasan Minhaj’s stand-up special Homecoming King and it was Trevor Noah level good. I was bummed he didn’t have another one but found his show Patriot Act and love it. It’s the humor of the Daily Show but on an international scale. If you like The Daily Show, Patriot Act is a must-see.

Bing cherry energy drink is by far the best tasting energy drink I’ve ever had – and I need the energy these days!

Danny LOVES Thai food and made a goal to start making it at home. He went to a local Asian market for ingredients and has done an incredible job making meals that are seriously better than anything we’ve had at a restaurant. This Panang Chicken Curry is fantastic.

I’ve been a big fan of KevonStage for awhile now but only recently watched one of his Righteous and Ratchet podcasts. I’ve tried a few podcasts but this is the best one I’ve ever listened to. Kev is hilarious and insightful and Doboy is personable and thought-provoking. Doboy is ignorant to a lot of history/politics and it makes his opinions on social issues/controversies refreshing because he doesn’t get hung up on all the little things partisans do. I love having my own ideas challenged by his impression of things, he’s so sincere in his opinions that it’s not frustrating or infuriating to listen to another side.

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