Detroit Days: Peck Park & The Cultural Center

After a very long rainy spring, we’re finally getting some sunshine around here and I’m loving it. Unfortunately, our schedule is pretty packed and finding time to explore has been hard – so has leaving the house with two kids but that’s another post (at least hopefully I’ll get to it but we’re still waiting on baptism post so…).

This week Danny had to go to work after soccer, giving me some time to fill with the boys. Lucas wanted to go to a park and I knew there was one in Midtown but couldn’t remember where. We drove around Brush street and found Peck Park.

It’s not a large park but it’s nice and the ‘mountain’ playscape was a big hit with Lucas. There were plenty of trees for shade and metal picnic tables. It’s also located behind the pay lot for the Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan Science Center, and Wright Museum making it a perfect place to let out some energy before or after a museum visit a trick I hope I remember in the future.

Another future note, a design team was selected to revamp Midtown’s Cultural Center and the concept art is exciting. The plan is to connect the museums and cultural landmarks, that are all right next to each other but currently feel separated, with green space and enhance the area with outdoor art and an amphitheater. It’s one of my favorite places to be in the city and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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