Brunch at Block

Danny surprised me with brunch at Block for Mother’s Day and it was delicious. The restaurant has been around for a couple years but we are seriously behind on our Detroit eats so it was our first time there. I’m not a huge brunch fan but the cheesy jalapeno grits are so good the next … More Brunch at Block

Fast Four

Another book to add to my reading list. When I drive through Detroit neighborhoods it’s devastating to see so many beautiful homes being lost to decay. I’m so glad there are people out there willing to take on such challenges. It’s unbelievable that 50 years ago women weren’t allowed to run in marathons. It’s incredible … More Fast Four

Happy Friday

It’s scary to say but photography is part of my job. I like taking pictures but it’s not my top form of self-expression. It IS Danny’s creative outlet and he’s really talented. As a fun couples activity we’ve decided to start a photography challenge. So here’s my first. The Challenge – The Rule of Thirds. … More Happy Friday

Women’s March Detroit

We joined the Sister March in Detroit for the Women’s March on Washington Saturday and it was an incredible experience. After a dreary Friday, the sun was out and it felt like a message from above. It was a peaceful gathering of thousands who care about their community and country. It is our right and responsibility as … More Women’s March Detroit

Michigan Medicine

I imagine metro-Detroit is one of the few places were parents suggest pop to cure what ails you. Alas if you’re not feeling well and say you need a Vernor’s no one will blink around here. The local favorite is the talk of the town as it celebrates 150 years.