Fast Four

I’m SO excited for the holiday weekend. I promised the guys I’ll be putting away the phone and I can’t wait. I’ll still use the camera and will have lots to share next week! Per last week’s posts, there are lots of changes coming to Detroit and I think Southwest will be the next boom … More Fast Four

Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam is one of the most talked about restaurants in Detroit these days. It’s been high on my to-try list and Danny surprised me with reservations for Mother’s Day. I went in with high expectations and from start to finish it didn’t disappoint. Going in I knew I wanted the caramel chicken wings … More Flowers of Vietnam

Fast Four

I’m on a roll this week on the blogging front. The sun is out and I feel like a new person. Here’s to longer days and warmer weather! Love Taza is living the dream in NYC and now she’s selling some of it at Target! Naomi created a really thoughtful luggage line for the entire … More Fast Four

MoGo Detroit

After a decade plus cycling hiatus I’ve taken to riding a bike multiple times a week thanks to the MoGoDetroit. There’s no such thing as convenient parking in the city these days and now that I’m downtown (and without the federal parking lot), I have to get creative. I decided to check out the MoGo … More MoGo Detroit