Saturdays in the City: What’s New In Detroit


Lucas’ weekly soccer class is now in Beacon Park putting us downtown once a week and I’m excited for it. Danny is not a morning guy but I’m hoping to convince him to make Saturday an exploration day where we walk or ride to new adventures.

In addition to hosting soccer tots with DCFC, Beacon Park has a temporary interactive art exhibit, Los Trompos, for the next month. Straight from Mexico City the roped seats are colorful, have multiple designs and spin! The kids could not get enough and they’re fun for grown-ups too.

I honestly haven’t been downtown in a while. Between being uncomfortably pregnant and now with a newborn, finding a place to park my car has no appeal but, as long as there is not a major function, it’s not bad on Saturday mornings. Detroit is changing and here are some of the new places I knew about and discovered:

Mad Cap – New pour-over coffee shop by Shinola Hotel. Shinola created a shopping alley similar to The Belt (located across the street). This one has the coffee shop, a flower shop, a couple retail shops including – Good Neighbor, The Brakeman (a bar) and Penny Red’s (a fried chicken spot).

Grand Circus Diner – Named for Grand Circus Park (across the street) the circus themed diner is new and two-stories which surprised me. We didn’t go inside but you could tell when you walked by.

Pao: This is a new spot I hadn’t heard of  yet. It’s also off the high trafficked thoroughfare so I’ll be interested to learn more.

The destination for our walk was Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day. Lucas wanted to be Spiderman again this year but instead of being Peter Parker he was Miles from Into the Spider-Verse. Spiderman is hands-down the most popular with kids and we saw a few boys in the same get-up and VoM had their own Miles for the occasion too.

It’s the simple things that make the weekend fun and Lucas loved the fountain at Grand Circus Park. And while a lot of things are changing in Detroit some thing stay the same. You can’t see it in the picture but across the street there is a building facade that has no building behind it – it’s been that way since my Levin days and apparently will be staying that way.

Next week’s goal: Eastern Market and the Dequindre Cut

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