April Budget Update


5 LM Newsletter

It’s the end of the month and time for the budget report.

The crazy continues into April but we survived.

April Income
Our income in April was slightly above average because of some freelance work but mainly what we expect.

If you looked at the budget template, I break down our spending into two broad categories Monthly Bills (the things we are definitely paying for – mortgage, car payment, utilities, daycare, etc.) and Variable Expenses (the spending we hypothetically have more control over). Here’s how those areas shaped out:

April Bills
For reasons unknown our mortgage has gone down by over $50 two months in a row which is a pleasant surprise. Our electric bill was about half of what we budget for which was nice since we had to pay our gas bill twice this month. We also postponed paying the second water bill to May (when it was due) to offer wiggle room. Our digital subscriptions went above budget because I had to renew my WordPress for the blog. Overall things balanced out and even if we had paid the water bill we would have been within budget.

April Expenses
April spending wasn’t as generous and we were definitely saved by gift cards. I can’t pinpoint what went wrong exactly because between sleep deprivation and going back to work at a full-time basis I don’t really have time for anything outside of work and the guys.

Our food budget was over by $5 and I can’t remember what we ate. I know we didn’t go out to eat so that’s troubling.

Our gas and parking was $50 under budget but I barely left the house and we have no maintenance costs – also troubling because I’m going to be driving more and need an oil change.

The boys’ expenses were also $50 under but gift cards were used for diapers and other Sam things so again – not good.

We are trying to garden and those costs really added up and we spent nearly twice as much on household expenses.

Overall we came in only $60 above budget but again gift cards saved us.

April Overview
We’re getting careless and need to right the ship. Between our bills and expenses we were under budget but more by luck than purpose.

Looking Ahead

  • Sam’s Baptism – Sam is getting baptized this month and while I decided not to rent space we will inevitably spend a couple hundred dollars on food and minimal decor (which I need to arrange this weekend!)
  • Mother’s Day – I don’t want Danny to spend anything on me but we need to get something for my mom – what I do not know.
  • Detroit Parking – Danny got a parking ticket last month which sucks because he wouldn’t have gotten it if they didn’t take away his work parking, plus he’s paying for street parking so it just sucks.

May Budget Breakdown
We’re working with less money this month and I’ve had to lower how much we can spend in different areas just to make ends meet with no savings. Since part of our grocery budget will be used towards the baptism and the ticket will be towards car costs – I’m nervous.

Laying out our budget like I did in the original post here’s how things shape out.

      • 32% – Variable expenses
        • Food, gas/car, boys, household, misc.
      • 19% – Mortgage
      • 23% – Bills
        • Car payment, gym, and utilities
      • 16% – Daycare
      • 10% – Digital Expenses
        • Phones, cable, internet, Netflix, Spotify, Google, Amazon
      • 0% – Savings

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