April Budget Update

  It’s the end of the month and time for the budget report. The crazy continues into April but we survived. April Income Our income in April was slightly above average because of some freelance work but mainly what we expect. If you looked at the budget template, I break down our spending into two … More April Budget Update

March Meals

How I hate meal planning!  And why are there so many days in March!?!  Alas I completed the menu and I think we’ll be enjoying some tasty dinners.  These are all new to me although Sheila recommended the pesto pasta and Amy the lemon soup.  Enjoy! Pesto Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus … More March Meals

A Sad Farewell

After months of discussion, wavering and postponing we finally did it.  We cancelled cable.  It was simply too expensive and we could not longer justify the cost.   I grew up without cable but the last two years were glorious.  I loved being able to watch anything whenever I wanted.  I’ll miss sports and HGTV … More A Sad Farewell

January Meals

Our grocery budget has been out of control the last couple of months so I’m being forced back into meal planning.  It’s not the funnest activity in the world but it is helpful to keep costs under control.  Obviously, I’ll be making additional meals this month but those will be simple and recipe free (i.e. … More January Meals