A Sad Farewell

After months of discussion, wavering and postponing we finally did it.  We cancelled cable.  It was simply too expensive and we could not longer justify the cost.  
I grew up without cable but the last two years were glorious.  I loved being able to watch anything whenever I wanted.  I’ll miss sports and HGTV the most but I’ll adjust.  I hope that this will be the push I need to be especially productive but I know I’ll still watch my shows.  Most of the programs I watch aren’t on cable (Once Upon A Time, Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Big Bang Theory).  The shows I won’t be able to watch are Major Crimes, Continuum and Cougar Town.  Thankfully, I can buy each episode after it airs for $2 on Amazon if I feel inclined (which I probably will) or I can watch at the gym (bonus cardio workout!).

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