Bring It On

It’s that time of year again…
The time of year I determine to get fit.  Over the years my body size has adjusted to one I’m comfortable with; however, lately I’m a bit doughy.  It’s not that I’ve stopped going to the gym completely but my regularity and effort rises and falls.  I haven’t weighted myself in forever so who knows what I’m in for when I step on the scale tonight.
I found a couple workouts that look hard core but manageable.  Initially I was going to start with a Jessica Alba workout but I think I need to work my way up to that.  Consequently, I’m starting with Blake Lively and going from there.  Both are ab-centric so I’m excited to see what happens.
To add incentive I’m going to publicly track my progress.  If things go especially well I’m going to treat myself to some new workout attire. I like looking good when I work out and although I have a couple of decent pairs of pants my shirt options are sad.  I have the wonderful shirt Danny bought me and a tank but all the rest I should probably throwing away.
I don’t go to the gym to show off.  My preference is to have an empty gym or at least pretend no one is there (i.e. DO NOT try to make friendly conversation with me while I’m working out – unless you’re Danny or Melissa).  I like to look good for myself.  When I’m dressed well I feel good and it’s definitely important that I feel good while working out.  If I’m dressed like a bum at the gym I tend to be a bum about my workout.

My workout fashion is simple.  I like dark colors (and sometimes a hint of pink) and breathable material that does not cling to my body (I’m at the gym for a reason).
  1. Under Armour Top, Flyweight Short-Sleeve Mesh: Macy’s $29.98
  2. C9 Women’s Mesh Fashion Cami Tank: Target: $22.99
  3. Under Armour Fly-By Long-Sleeve Top: Lord & Taylor $39.99
  4. Sports Top: H&M $24.95
  5. Under Armour Women’s Achieve Tank: Sports Authority $29.99

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