Bring It On

It’s that time of year again… The time of year I determine to get fit.  Over the years my body size has adjusted to one I’m comfortable with; however, lately I’m a bit doughy.  It’s not that I’ve stopped going to the gym completely but my regularity and effort rises and falls.  I haven’t weighted … More Bring It On

Never Say Never

You must do the things you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt For years I was convinced I couldn’t run.  My lungs weren’t meant for it.  I have weak ankles.  My thighs are too jiggly for this activity. When I finally tried running on a treadmill in 2011 I discovered I could do it.  I … More Never Say Never

7th Generation

I’m not wasting any (more) time on my self improvement efforts.  We are out of basically all household goods and need to stock up.  I have been purchasing the cheapest items but now I want to move over to the most sustainable.  I can’t expect others to help save the world if I’m not willing … More 7th Generation

Looking Forward

I’ve been in a funk for awhile now but I think it’s finally passing.  I’ve been reading old blog posts and I can’t believe how far I let myself get from what I want.  It wasn’t earth shattering but it has been significant.   Fitness: I’m back at square one but I’m also back on … More Looking Forward

Whole Living Cleanse

I’m 13 hours and 22 minutes into my first cleanse attempt. Whole Living came in the mail yesterday and it’s the cover story.  It appears to be simple enough. 21 Days no dairy, gluten, meat, processed foods or sugar. Week 1: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils/seasonings and lentilsWeek 2: Add Fish (not shellfish), legumes, beans, … More Whole Living Cleanse