Whole Living Cleanse

I’m 13 hours and 22 minutes into my first cleanse attempt.

Whole Living came in the mail yesterday and it’s the cover story.  It appears to be simple enough.

21 Days no dairy, gluten, meat, processed foods or sugar.

Week 1: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils/seasonings and lentils
Week 2: Add Fish (not shellfish), legumes, beans, gluten-free grains
Week 3: Add Eggs and soy

It’s nothing extreme and seems pretty do-able.  Once I hit week two I feel like I’ll be able to eat most of the things I like and have regular meals.

The detox part will hurt.  I’m curious to see how bad since I’m a sugar addict who’s been drinking pop.  Fingers crossed I don’t go comatose.

If I survive, I hope this detox kick starts me into gear.  Winter blues have come early and I need to shape up – physically and mentally.  A full body detox to start off the new year, in a new place, with a new budget seems to be just what I need.

One thought on “Whole Living Cleanse

  1. Just be careful. That detox stuff can be really dangerous for your body long term if you don't get the nutrients your body genuinely needs. Sure cutting back on the bad stuff makes sense, but just be careful of the extremes.


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