French Press Hack

I discovered the most ingenious but depressing thing recently.

I started drinking tea after I discovered Teavana.  During my mini shopping spree last fall I bought a glass tea maker for $30.  It’s alright.  You fill the container with water, put leaves in the steeper that you place on top, place the lid on and wait a few minutes before removing the steeper and pouring the tea.  It works well enough; however, tea leaves usually end up in the tea from the steeper.

Cut to last week when Gale brought in tea I wanted to try.  I didn’t have my tea maker, but I did have french press I bought a couple years ago for $12 when I was drinking coffee.  Since it has a similar purpose I decided to use it for the tea.  It worked PERFECTLY.  You put in the leaves, fill it with water, wait a couple minutes, put on the lid and push down the tea leaves.  The result is pure tea.  The best part is that even if a couple leaves did escape they would be held off by the grill protecting spout.

Now I have a perfect way to make tea, but I feel like a chump for wasting $30.  
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