Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day in the D today.  
We really felt it on the drive in as all cars were driving super slowly and the highway was backed up.  For that reason we were convinced the auto show started today.  Nope.  It starts on the 14th.  
I’ve been wearing snow boots to work everyday because it’s January and usually cold.  Today it is not cold and not the day for snow boots.  It’s also not the day for open toed shoes but that didn’t stop me.  For that reason, I really wish I had rain boots.  Something cute to add a kick to any outfit.  The boots pictures below for example.  Unfortunately, I’m sure the ones pictured below are a million dollars (clearly, they were made for Blair Waldorf).  A cute, similar, more affordable alternative appears available at this company’s website: Joules*.  

*I would have worked a little harder on the bow if I were them.

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