Fast Four

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only days away! Where does the year go? Here a few things I’m enjoying/admiring these days. Maroon 5 is hands down my favorite band and while my attention is inevitably focused on Adam Levine, I heard PJ Morton had a Christmas album on NPR and will be playing it … More Fast Four

Fast Four

Ugh, it’s happening again. – a blogging lull. I hate it because I have many post ideas but no time! I’m at the thick of it at work but I’m hoping that after this big project is completed (send positive vibes) that I can get into a routine that includes blogging and reading again. I … More Fast Four

Pink on Pink

I stopped by Old Navy the other day and painfully resisted a shopping spree. Pink/Blush/Coral is back in style and it’s taking all my womanpower not to complete my online checkout. I may be able to skip some of the purchases but the chincos will be hard pass on because I still want to copy … More Pink on Pink

2nd Trimester Fashion

I reached that point where new clothes are a must. This weekend I invested in some maternity pants and have to say I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t wear them at all times. Normally, I can’t wait to get out of pants because I either spend my time awkwardly pulling them up or feeling like … More 2nd Trimester Fashion

Fall Uniform

When I initially saw this shirt I thought it was all B. Turns out I was projecting and it’s really all me. My next trip to Target I tried it on and was stunned to discover that the XL was snug! The experience didn’t upset me because I am thoroughly convinced that it was a manufacturing error … More Fall Uniform

Pinning Peeve

Pinterest is a lovely time suck; however, it can also be a drag. Now that the app picks my pin, they stalk my web movement and know me so well that when I see this gorgeous dress I decide that if it’s anywhere near reasonable I’ll get it for Ann’s wedding in June. Ha. Silly … More Pinning Peeve

Happy Friday!

How gorgeous is this dress? Perfect for Easter Sunday – if runway fashion is your thing. One of my favorite childhood memories is getting a new dress for Easter; however, I honestly, don’t remember the last time I bought a dress for the occasion. I suppose it’s like Christmas and somethings are more fun as … More Happy Friday!

Beauty Talk

I’m not in shape right now. I gained 10 pounds last year out of spite over my futile job search and now that I am employed I’m too tired, stressed and well lazy. It’s been a cold, dark and uninspiring winter. On a couple nice days I went for a run and received a bigger … More Beauty Talk

A Coral Classic

Earlier this month I went to an Inforum event at The Limited for a presentation on fashion and how to dress appropriately in the workplace.  The event was nice and just when it started to feel drawn out, it was over.  Or so I thought, before we were left to shop (or in my case leave) we … More A Coral Classic