Fall Uniform

When I initially saw this shirt I thought it was all B. Turns out I was projecting and it’s really all me. My next trip to Target I tried it on and was stunned to discover that the XL was snug! The experience didn’t upset me because I am thoroughly convinced that it was a manufacturing error – a large maybe, not XL – not yet.

As a minimalist, I rarely desire new clothes and instinctively tend to dislike fashion trends but something about red plaid is calling my name. I found a similar style at Old Navy and I was ready to place the order at $26 plus shipping but in a rare moment of restraint I paused and decided to wait. I was rewarded in more ways than one.

I decided to skip the internet and head to the brick and mortar. I walked in and found the large I expected to fit in to – the only other racked alternative was an XXL. I tried it on and it was HUGE! I immediately felt relief for not ordering it online because it would have needed to be returned. Not willing to give up completely I checked the return rack and there was a petite small. Amazingly it fit! It is actually plenty big and cozy and perfect for the fall. Best of all it was $10! I’d link to it but it’s no longer listed on the website – it was sold out this morning in most sizes online and now must be completely gone [edit: it’s back online] .

Perfect timing on all counts. I’ve saved at least $20 which in my crazy brain REALLY helps with this whole ticket business (I’m still not over it but I’m close). It is also a nice reminder that online shopping is risky – I would have definitely ordered the wrong size from Target or Old Navy. Now I have my new fall uniform and I love it!*


*For anyone who cringes at leggings as pants I will probably wear jeans most often.

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