Happy Friday!

Kate Hepburn

So after a week of boycotting, I’ve decided to remove the city from my list – I’m becoming a pushover in my old age. The truth of the matter is a week without feeling a need to write about the city was actually refreshing. I love the city and sharing about it but sometimes I miss sharing about me. I blogged for years about myself and I enjoyed it. I’ve struggled to find a balance and it’s something I need to work on.

As for the weekend, today I’m sitting poolside with Gina and Cindel – not my favorite activity but it’s not suppose to be hot so that will make it much more enjoyable. Mostly, I hope this doesn’t force me to spend more time at the pool this weekend with Danny since I tell him no like 95% of the time when he asks me. Melissa and I are grabbing an early dinner at Pizza e Vino in downtown Plymouth. I’m very excited for Saturday because Tchinarold is coming over for brunch! She got a car Wednesday and will be driving herself. It’s literally impossible for me to be more proud of her – she is truly an inspiration and I’m so glad I get to be part of her life. I’m hoping Mom and B can come over so we can finish the Astronaut Wives Club and we’re going to the Hakalas’ Firebowl bonfire. Sunday I get my girl Gwen and we’re going to the church picnic with Mr. B and Ann. It should be a nice time.

P.S. I’d also like to finally finish this book 

Photo credit: Quote Waves

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