Taqueria Lupita’s

Taqueria Lupita's

In recognition of my friend/mentor starting a new career in southwest Detroit this week, I thought I’d share my go-to lunch spot in the neighborhood. My work-buddy, Paul, introduced me to Taqueria Lupita’s and on the rare occasion we leave the office for lunch it’s where we go for a quick, cheap, delicious meal (AND there is a parking lot behind the building!).

Taqueria Lupita's

Southwest Detroit is a largely Hispanic, tight-knit community that is in many ways its own world inside of Detroit. There are dozens of Mexican restaurants to chose from but also bakeries, coffee shops and other stores. It’s an area of town I don’t get to often but would really like to get to know better. I know a few people from the neighborhood and really need to arrange a tour.

In the meantime, if you’re on the other side of 75 and looking for a lunch spot, Lupita’s won’t disappoint – we order the two taco lunch special.

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