Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam is one of the most talked about restaurants in Detroit these days. It’s been high on my to-try list and Danny surprised me with reservations for Mother’s Day. I went in with high expectations and from start to finish it didn’t disappoint. Going in I knew I wanted the caramel chicken wings … More Flowers of Vietnam

Detroit 75 Kitchen

When you Google Detroit 75 Kitchen, the street view is a Sunoco. I’ll admit it left me a little skeptical but my boss was adamant in his recommendation and his lunch smelled delicious. I think we waited all of a day before checking it out on a lunch date. Let me tell you it is a … More Detroit 75 Kitchen

Taqueria Lupita’s

In recognition of my friend/mentor starting a new career in southwest Detroit this week, I thought I’d share my go-to lunch spot in the neighborhood. My work-buddy, Paul, introduced me to Taqueria Lupita’s and on the rare occasion we leave the office for lunch it’s where we go for a quick, cheap, delicious meal (AND … More Taqueria Lupita’s

The Coney Island

  Coney Islands are a metro Detroit staple – you can’t toss a rock without hitting one.  This Saturday Danny and I started our morning in Southwest at Duly’s Place.  The 93 year old diner is a city staple and was recently visited by Anthony Bourdain during his trip to Detroit.  Southwest is a unique … More The Coney Island