Best Places to Eat in Detroit


From tv dinners every day to genuine food snob, my evolution to foodie has been well documented on the blog. Detroit is DEFINITELY a Foodie City, there are so many places to eat and so many more options coming it is impossible to keep up. I do try so here are my recommendations for what to eat when you come to town.

Stache International
We don’t go out to eat often but we go to Stache at least once a month. The sandwiches are SO good that I don’t even get the same thing every time I go (which is my standard practice). The monthly specials are so enticing and delicious we often switch things up. That said my go-to order is the Turkey Mondulo. A bonus to the amazing menu is the location (Eastern Market = FREE parking!) and friendly staff (hi Alex!). We haven’t been on the weekend but we’ve never had to wait (we would if necessary) so go check out this hidden gem because it’s our favorite place.

Lafayette Coney Island
Detroit is known for ‘Coney Wars’ but let me tell you it’s no contest. If I have 3 dollars in cash and need lunch it’s always coney. The tiny dinner gives you city feels so find a table or take it to go and eat at Campus Martius or Capitol Park.

Flowers of Vietnam
A new favorite, Flowers of Vietnam really impressed me. The food was fantastic and the vibe even better. We were embarrassingly conservative in our order and suffered food envy every time someone else was served because it all looked amazing. The staff was friendly and the 90s music had me ready to dance. Reservations are a must (if you don’t want a wait) and you’ll want to make them quik because I think Flower is going to make Southwest Detroit bloom.

There are no shortage of good places to eat in Corktown. It’s the birthplace of New Detroit and continues to show the best of what is and what is to come. Slows BBQ doesn’t make as many lists as it did when it was the only place there but it’s still one of the best places to get a meal (and Apple BBQ sauce). The Topor Burger at Mercury Bar is a favorite of ours – order it with tater tot poutine and a Hummer Milkshake. The Barrett from Mudgie’s is our St. Patrick’s Day tradition and good anytime of year. FOLK is one of the cutest places to eat and they have ice cream. The everything bagel at Detroit Institute of Bagel is the best out there. Lady of the House + Takoi get a billion good reviews, we haven’t been to either yet but they top our where to go next list.

Parks & Rec
I’m not a breakfast person but Parks & Rec is really good. They’ve had multiple chef changes in it’s short three years so maybe it’s a crap shoot but I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Located in the GAR building (aka a castle), it’s tiny but Beacon Park is now open across the street, so if you have to wait at least you’ll have somewhere fun to go (and you’ll probably have to wait). We order different things every time and I’d say you can’t go wrong.

Pop + Offworld
Another favorite budget option, You can get a huge $3 slice of pizza at Pop any time and it’s really convenient for lunch. The flavors are creative but I always get the Napalm – vegetarian with lots of garlic and spice. It’s also an arcade which I think is a lot of fun for people of all ages. It’s on the 2nd floor of Checker Bar with retractable windows in the summer so you can enjoy the sites and sounds of downtown.

Wright & Co.
Get ready to wait. I don’t know anyone who’s been to Wright & Co and hasn’t waited to get a seat. We had to wait 2hrs and watched a lot of people turn around (they thought there would be a shorter wait elsewhere – let me assure you that’s unlikely). It’s small plates and we ordered a few things, they were all delicious. Located on the second floor of one of the fancier buildings on Woodward, it’s also a really pretty place to be. If you want a fancy night on the town in New Detroit – Wright is the place to go. I suggest going sooner than later because the Shinola Hotel and Hudson site will be bringing a lot more people to the city.

Sweet treats
Detroit restaurants have some quality dessert offerings but only a few dedicated dessert destinations. Best of the best is BonBonBon, the $3 chocolate is amazing and you’ll want to leave with at least 10 and maybe one will make it home with you. There are so many flavors to chose from you can’t go wrong. Avalon has three locations (Midtown, New Center, and downtown) that all sell chocolate sea salt cookies and it’s the best cookie ever. If you want a great donut and are up for a little drive, Dutch Girl in Palmer Park (15-20 minute drive up Woodward from downtown) has melt in your mouth delicious donuts. It’s a grab and go place but you can sit and enjoy at Palmer Park across the street. At any time of the day, Astoria in Greektown will satisfy any sugar craving – I love the cannoli and tiramisu.


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