Mercury Burger Bar

Friday night we met Kristin and Paul at Mercury Burger Bar in Corktown.  I had stopped in for a milkshake last summer but this was my first look at the menu.  It’s fantastic.  I started where I left off with a shake – The Hummer (Kahlua, dark rum, and vanilla ice cream – PERFECTION!).
We had quite the sampling of the menu and everyone enjoyed their meal.  Paul went with the hot dogs and thought the Murty-Bird was awesome.  I asked for the most popular item on the menu and I’m glad I did!  I never would have ordered the Topor Burger – Roast has warmed me to eggs on a burger but jalapenos are generally an automatic veto.  To my surprise the jalapenos were a welcomed addition and added the right amount of heat.  Poutine is a Canadian classic.  It was fun to try but I’m definitely American and will stick to chili over gravy from now on.
The best part of Mercury Burger Bar is the location and ambiance.  Detroit is a work in progress but Corktown is a hot spot.  The small strip on Michigan Avenue is popular even in the dead of winter.  Inside, MBB is a fun tribute to the city.  Its play off a 50s diner is welcoming and comfortable.  Best of all the service is wonderful.  So wonderful that our waitress graciously agreed to be my first interviewee!
Mercury Burger Bar
2163 Michigan Avenue
Detroit MI 48216
(313) 964-5000
Menu prices: $4-$10
*Secure parking available for $3

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