The Gelato Shoppe

For me the sign of a true city has always been Starbucks and gelato.  Every major city I’ve ever visited has had ample offerings of both and  Detroit is making progress in each area.  Earlier this summer I discovered this adorable little gelato stand in Campus Martius.  The Gelato Shoppe is managed by the Fountain … More The Gelato Shoppe


Where do people in Detroit drink beer? Well for the last 110 years they’ve been going to Jacoby’s (pronounced JaKobe’s ala Kobe Bryant). The small saloon is located downtown and serves delicious German food.  Danny ordered Jager Schnitzel and on the bartender’s recommendation I ordered the German Sausage Dinner with knockwurst and bratwurst.  Both were … More Jacoby’s

Taqo Detroit

There is a restaurant boom in Detroit: an endless stream of announcements and openings. It’s nearly impossible to keep up.  This weekend we decided to check out Taqo, located downtown by Grand Circus Park.  Taqo opened last month and is the perfect place for the game day/event crowd.  The service was great and our food … More Taqo Detroit

Alegria Pops

A key component of the Concert of Colors Festival is the showcase of local business.  I was excited to see that one of the city’s newer businesses, Alegria Pops, would be participating in the event at the BUILD Bazaar.  BUILD is a small business program offered through the Detroit welcome center D:hive.  I knew I wanted … More Alegria Pops

The Bagel Business

I’m a problem solver by nature.  If I see a deficiency I want to fix it.  Well, if I’m completely honest I’d rather someone else fill void.  Not because I don’t want to do the work but I generally don’t feel confident enough to do it myself.  This blog is a prime example.  I wanted … More The Bagel Business

Hot Taco

Forget Chipotle and Qdoba*, if you want a quick burrito downtown you have to go to Hot Taco.  Tucked away behind the Fox Theater, it’s located on a quiet street (at least on non-game days) with a half dozen other restaurants.  My co-workers and I first went to Hot Taco when it opened in 2012 … More Hot Taco

Woodbridge Pub

Woodbridge Pub holds a special place in my heart.  It’s the first restaurant I went to in the city as an adult and was a catalyst in sparking my passion for Detroit.  I’d always loved the city but it wasn’t until I started working downtown that I began to hang out here.  When my co-workers … More Woodbridge Pub