Taqo Detroit

Taqo and Tequila Detroit

There is a restaurant boom in Detroit: an endless stream of announcements and openings. It’s nearly impossible to keep up.  This weekend we decided to check out Taqo, located downtown by Grand Circus Park.  Taqo opened last month and is the perfect place for the game day/event crowd.  The service was great and our food arrived quickly.  I must say that fast service doesn’t translate to fast food.  Our meals were made with fresh ingredients and satisfying in the best way.

Before Danny and I left, we talked to the general manager Cesar Ochoa.  He was very nice and genuinely interested in marking sure we had a good experience.  We discussed the menu, specifically its authenticity.  Although Taqo’s entrees may not appear to be traditional Mexican cuisine, Cesar explained that Mexican food is more diverse than we tend to experience in the United States and the menu reflects traditional and coastal dishes.

Taqo’s other culinary objective is to reach a wide audience and accommodate people with food sensitivities, particularly those with gluten intolerance.  Currently, the corn tortillas and fries are gluten-free but Cesar is working with his supplier to develop a gluten-free soft taco to expand menu options for customers with restrictive diets.  This was fabulous news for me because I’m always looking for restaurants my sister can eat at.

Taqo and Tequila Detroit

As previously noted the service at Taqo was fantastic.  Our server, William was very friendly and graciously agreed to answer my usual Detroit questions.

Do you live in Detroit?
Yes. Westside.

What do you like about living/working in the city?
The downtown people.  There is always something going on. It may not always be crowded but even if there is not a game there is always something to do.

What do you dislike about living/working in the city?
Because I’m a server and a bartender, I leave at night and I have so much cash on me I go straight to the bank. I’m not saying all parts of Detroit are bad but I’ve lived here long enough to know that you’d rather be safe than sorry.

What change are you waiting for?
I want more people from the suburbs to come down.  They still have this thing in their head that Detroit is too dangerous and stay away unless there are Tiger games.  There are a lot of people you won’t see at all if there is not a game. I’m not saying I’m mad about it but it’s a great clientele of people and they should understand Detroit more and spend more time here than they usually do.

What’s your favorite item on the menu?
I’m obsessed with the Asada Waffle Fries.  It’s nachos except with waffle fries.

As usual I ordered the recommended item and I was NOT disappointed.  The fries are deliciously seasoned and the toppings are perfect.  I’ll be back for them alone and I can’t wait to take B because I think she will enjoy the combination of her two favorite gluten-free menu items.

Taqo and Tequila Detroit

2 thoughts on “Taqo Detroit

  1. This sounds like a great place run by friendly and considerate people. I will definitely need to check it out. There are so many places on my “to do” list. I can't keep up with you!


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