Hot Taco

hot taco detroit

Forget Chipotle and Qdoba*, if you want a quick burrito downtown you have to go to Hot Taco.  Tucked away behind the Fox Theater, it’s located on a quiet street (at least on non-game days) with a half dozen other restaurants.  My co-workers and I first went to Hot Taco when it opened in 2012 and I have been unable to resist a shrimp taco/burrito ever since.  This weekend I finally brought Danny over there and he was equally impressed.  The flavor combination and fresh ingredients are hard to beat – especially at their prices.

Since it was a quiet Sunday afternoon I decided to see if anyone was interested in answering my standard questions. I got lucky and both Arnold and Hanjari were willing.

Do you live in Detroit?

A: I do.  I love the city. I live on Woodward and Palmer by the DIA.
H: Yes, Midtown.

What do you like about working in the city?

A: Since I live in the city, it’s like a sense of ownership.
H: I like the urban mix – the diversity.  I like meeting people and talking to people and helping them.

What don’t you like about working Detroit?

A: Taxes.
H: I don’t like the trash.  We need more convenient services.

What’s your favorite item on the menu?

A: Shrimp burrito

H: Shrimp taco

hot taco detroit

*There are no Chipotles or Qdobas in Detroit

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