I can’t believe spring is over already.  It seems like yesterday everyone was complaining about the cold (since it’s Michigan it probably was yesterday).  Memorial Weekend kicks off summer for me and I have a lot of things I want to do. Here are some highlights:
  1. International Dark Sky Park: We love the stars but they’re hard to see in suburbia.  Our top priority is to make it to Emmet County to enjoy one of the few Dark Parks in the world!
  2. BBQ: We bought a grill last year but did not use it as much as I would like.  Look out for a lot of grill meals on the upcoming monthly meal posts.
  3. River Walk/Dequindre Cut: The Riverwalk is a Detroit highlight.  Recently expanded, I plan to walk/bike the entire route this summer.
  4. Great Lakes: You can’t live in Michigan without visiting a lake.  We’ll visit Lake Michigan or Huron this year – possibly both.
  5. Salute to America: Greenfield Village is my happy place and I LOVE this event.  A picnic in the village, music by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and fireworks to end the evening – Perfection!
  6. Drive-In: This old-school activity is one of our favorites.  We love cuddling up in the car and watching a double-feature.
  7. Mud Hens: The Tigers are hot but the Mud Hens are cheaper. As a M*A*S*H lover I feel obligated to make a trip to Toledo for some Tony Packo’s.
  8. Detroit City Futbol Game: Minor league futbol/soccer has quite the following in Detroit and I have to check it out.
  9. Salt of the Earth: We went to Fennville for our honeymoon trip and still talk about the meal we had at Salt of the Earth.
  10. Hike, Bike, & Canoe: I bought Danny a canoe for our first anniversary and I regret it.  We haven’t seen the thing in 2 years (possibly longer).  There are fishing trips in our future.

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