Happy Friday

Last night I saw Annecia off to prom.  I can’t believe she’s graduating from high school next week!  It seems like only yesterday I was poking her in her sleep so she would cry and I could hold her.  Technically, Necia is my cousin but I think of her as my baby sister.  I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments and am excited to see her start college this fall

My actual sister is moving home today!  She’s been living on the west coast for the last few years so it will be fun to have her back. To celebrate her return we’ll be playing a family game of Battlestar Galactica.  Saturday, we get Gwen for a sleepover! The other baby in my life is also growing up too quickly and it will be interesting to experience life with a toddler. Part of our day will be spent helping B shop for work clothes with Cara but I’m hoping to squeeze in a visit to the park.  Also on the weekend agenda – a BBQ with Mr. B, a visit to Cranbrook and perhaps the drive-in.

P.S. A funny interview with two very famous sisters

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