Memorial Weekend

As previously noted Memorial Weekend officially kicks off the summer for me and at 80 degree weather and an open pool it’s easy to understand why.  This weekend was jammed packed with activity in the best way.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect weekend.  Saturday morning I took Mom and B to Eastern Market.  I loaded up on lots of goodies and perhaps too much fresh fruit but I wanted to have lots of finger food available for Gwenie.

Lindsey and Brett met us at the market and we took Gwen with us when we were done.  We hit the mall and Gwen picked out some sunglasses and shoes.  It was a long day and she was rewarded with a trip to the park.  She is the sweetest girl and I love her to bits although I fear she has no unique affinity for me at this point.

Sunday was date day.  Danny and I spent the afternoon wandering around Cranbrook gardens.  We’ve been eager to go back since our first visit last fall and the weather was great for such an outing.  We also went to the theater and saw X-Men: Days of Future Past. I thought it was fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence is getting all the attention but I felt like James McAvoy made the film.  I love his portrayal of Professor X.
To end our evening we went to a bonfire at Brett and Lindsey’s.  It was a great crowd and we had fun taking pictures with sparklers.  Although you can’t see her, Katherine was running around us during the camera exposure.  It was a fun trick and a hit at the party.  All you need to do is leave a camera on a tripod for an 8-10 second exposure. The camera picks up the light’s movement and it makes for fun (sometimes inappropriate) pictures. 
Note: We were not actually kissing in the picture, you have to stay still.

Today we had a BBQ at Mr. B’s house.  We picked up lamb and fig sausage from Corridor Sausage Co. at Eastern Market and it was delicious.  Now I’ll hang on to the last few hours of the holiday.  Happy Memorial Day!

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