Happy Friday

Not the best picture but a great memory. Last night I went to confirmation rehearsal with Madison, it was an honor to be asked and a fun aunt experience. I love all 14 nieces/nephews the same; however, Madison and I do share common interests that are hard to ignore. Namely, we’re both fangirls and writers. Fangirls … More Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

Like many little girls I wanted to be a ballerina as a child.  Unfortunately, I have zero coordination skills and can barely manage the Cupid Shuffle.  I still enjoy the ballet and try to see one performance a year.  Through the Maker Project, I was made aware of Misty Copeland – the first soloist black … More Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Last night I saw Annecia off to prom.  I can’t believe she’s graduating from high school next week!  It seems like only yesterday I was poking her in her sleep so she would cry and I could hold her.  Technically, Necia is my cousin but I think of her as my baby sister.  I couldn’t … More Happy Friday

Weekend Fun

We had two sleepovers this weekend.  One Friday night with baby Gwen (who’s quickly becoming a toddler).  She can climb stairs now and loves it but she must be closely monitored. The other was Saturday night with her parents.  We had a blast watching SNL, playing cards and making cocktails.           … More Weekend Fun