Family Day @ Vault of Midnight

4N-2-768x512 - Copy

We are a MARVEL family for sure. At age 2 Lucas knows all his superheroes. He’s seen  Spiderman Homecoming countless times and loves declaring that he’s a superhero to everyone who will listen. I was excited to take him to Free Comic Book Day at Vault of Midnight downtown on Saturday because even though he’s a little young for comic books, he is always thrilled to see Avengers. It was also a great way to put his Halloween costume to use again. I did a little cosplay myself – not that anyone noticed – channeling Cap on the lam in Civil War.

Notice all the construction in the background? Downtown is going to be a new place in a few years – I don’t think there’s a building being left untouched.


Not surprisingly, the little fan stole the show and picked a Spiderman comic book.



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